9 Easy Weekend Jobs New Jersey
9 Easy Weekend Jobs New Jersey

Weekend Jobs in New Jersey

New Jersey, the cousin of New York City, lesser known, but still a sight to see. Home to people like Buddy Valastro (aka Cake Boss), Paul Rudd (aka Ant-Man), and Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey is a beautiful city full of life. So many diverse lifestyles, ethnicities, and flavors can be found within its walls. Nicknamed the Garden State for it’s beautiful scenery and delicious food to eat, the name has stuck for years. Its economy is widely based on the service industry rather than goods manufacturing. Just take a look at the weekend jobs in New Jersey.

Its economy has the most jobs in services like the local bank, wholesale, communications, engineering, and medicine. The industries that thrive within this state are technology as new tech is being produced every day; casinos; transportation (as many citizens are traveling across the city and to other cities around like Brookllyn and New York for work); and pharmaceuticals. All of these are respectable businesses to run and work in. There are many places to work in New Jersey.

Here are several of the weekend jobs available in New Jersey.

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New Jersey Weekend Jobs

Package sorter weekend job New Jersey
Package sorter weekend job New Jersey

Package Sorter

If organization is your gig, then this is a fantastic weekend job near you. 

As a package sorter, you would need to sort the packages that come into your facility so they go to the correct city and owner. You would need to be able to read addresses correctly and interpret different signs and signals stamped on the packages to handle them with care. 

A package handler will need to have good attention to detail so you can get the packages to the correct area. You should also be punctual and quick in sorting them. You’ll be on your feet for a lot of your shift so good physical strength is a must for a packaging job. You must also be 18 years old or older with the ability to read and write English as per the requirements from package delivery companies and retailers such as Amazon. 

Employers that can hire for a package sorting job are Amazon, FedEx, and your local New Jersey post office. These places have a high need for sorters as they have a lot of traffic with packages and mail on their end. Getting them to the right address is their top priority that can save them time and money. 

The typical pay for a job of this type found in New Jersey is around $18.75 an hour with an occasional sign-up bonus depending on when you’re able to work and sign up for the job. Amazon is always looking for employees; just look at their website or any other job search site around the internet for New Jersey. If you need a job that is quick to hire and pays well in this area, this is the perfect weekend job near New Jersey.

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Reading and Writing Tutor

If you’re all about educating our young people, this tutoring job for 8th graders in New Jersey could be just the thing for you. 

As a tutor, you would be working with kids around the ages of 12 to 14 to help them become better at a subject that they are struggling with, which can include mathematics, science, reading and writing it. You would be asked to work well with other teachers and tutors as you would be a part of a school; you must follow all school regulations and rules even though you wouldn’t typically be working on campus. 

The requirements for a tutoring job off campus are that you be 18 years or older, have a good knowledge of how to read and write English, the subject matter, and patience with the children as they learn new material. You must be punctual and use good time management skills as you work with the kids, so they can understand the most in the amount of time they have with you. 

Places that hire tutors are local families of children in need of a little extra help with school work. These could be found by looking on Indeed.com but there are also local schools in New Jersey that hire tutors to teach the children and give them a bit of a boost when needed. These include but are not limited to: elementary schools like Walter M. Schirra and Frank Defino. Middle schools such as Mendham Township, Edgar Middle School, and Brookside School. For high schools, there are Bergen County Academies, Northern Valley Regional High School, and Pascack Hills High School. All of these places are eligible to be hiring tutors and would be a great environment to work in. 

The pay for a tutoring job of this kind is around $15 to $20 an hour per child. The amount of money you could get depends on how many kids you tutor. You can find this job at any school website or on flyers around campus. Weekend jobs in New Jersey include this post.

If you enjoy learning new things yourself, along with teaching kids how to better understand the world around them, this could be among the best weekend jobs in New Jersey for you. 

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Customer Service Representative

Customer service can be a tough industry to work in. However, if you have a tough grit, temperance, and a polite demeanor, this job can also be very rewarding. 

As a customer service rep, you would be asked to handle client complaints and services. Depending on the industry you work for, these could include any product malfunctions or damages, general questions or concerns about a product or service, and tracking of packages. You would also need to attend weekly quality assurance training that assess the best customer service possible for you and your team. 

The qualities required for a customer representative are the ability to work with a team and individually solve any customer complaint hurled your way. You must also be patient and polite as you engage with the client to solve their problem. You need to be coachable as you learn new things in a high-pressure situation. You must be dependable to show up for work as it is a remote position with the days of work up to your choosing. However, a minimum of 15 hours is required. 

The places that are hiring customer reps would be any grocery store found in New Jersey like Twin City Supermarket, ACME Markets, and Key Foods. Other places that hire reps are clothing stores that need to interact with their shoppers such as Macy’s, GAP, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack. Also included are various sorts of services industry like your local bank or telephone company that handles client calls. To work as a sales rep is to be all about the people, you want to help them find any solution to their problem that you can. Working in the customer service industry does just that. 

A customer service rep can make up to $12 to $18 an hour. You can find this gig listing online for different companies and job search sites. If you are a dependable and trustworthy person who wants to help solve customer complaints and problems in a quick manner, this is among the weekend jobs in New Jersey for you. 

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Certified Nurse Assistant Weekend Job New Jersey
Certified Nurse Assistant Weekend Job New Jersey

Weekend Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

If you want to work in the medical field, it can be hard to find jobs that only hire for the weekend. However, this Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) weekend job is the perfect one for you! 

As a CNA you would help residents with their ADL’s (activities of daily living such as washing, eating, dressing, and other things done daily). You would also be asked to make sure that the food is safe for the residents, the hallways and rooms are kept clean, and all safety hazards are swiftly taken care of. 

To be a good nurse's assistant, you must have a cheerful demeanor, one that can cheer up the residents under your care and keep them entertained. You need to have a good heart so you can care for each person in the nursing home you work in. You need to be a registered CNA with a CPR certification and high school diploma or equivalent as preferred by your employer. 

Typically CNA’s will be found working in hospitals and nursing or assisted living homes around your city. In New Jersey, there are several assisted living homes that you can find to work out, including Complete Care, a local nursing home that manages residents and offers a $500 sign on bonus. Elizabeth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, with 4.6 stars on Google, would be a great first place to work. Aside from nursing homes, CNA jobs can also be found in also local surgery centers and hospitals like St. Mary’s General Hospital, a facility well known for caring about patients and being a great environment to work in. 

The average pay for a CNA in New Jersey is around $18 to $20 though it can vary depending on your experience and place of work. Just look for flyers for this job at any nursing home, hospital, or assisted living center. 

If you always wanted to work closely in the medical field but only on the weekends, a CNA is among the best weekend jobs in New Jersey that you could find. 

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Test Technician

This job is one of more unique and exciting jobs on this list. A test technician will work closely with new technology, one of the biggest industries in New Jersey, to test each device and make sure that it works properly and safely for distribution worldwide. 

As a test tech, you would be working with some of the greatest minds in the U.S., from creating things like waste free emissions from fuel and lights, powering the Mars Rover, testing devices and websites, to protecting our troops across the ocean. You would be working on aerospace and defense industry problems that have faced our great country for years. You would be testing technology and creating new inventions. 

To be an effective test technician, you must be able to work well with a team as you will be consulting with several members of your workforce to solve the problems that plague our world. You will need to be patient as well as hard working. In this industry there are always late-night and early-morning schedules, even though you work part time. Dedication to bettering yourself and your team is also essential, and constantly progressing is a big part of this kind of job. 

The places that hire part time test techs included BAE Systems Inc., an aerospace company that specializes in “improving performance and delivering results through innovation”. Kani Solutions Inc. is another place that hires test techs for their IT program. WanLan Engineer strives to continually work and improve by training new college graduates in a job they love. 

The average payment a test tech can expect to receive when living in New Jersey is around $22 an hour, and $47,000 a year. Though test techs are also paid based on their experience within the field of their work, if you have higher experience, you are paid more than a new college grad. Although test techs require a lot of hard work and effort on your part, they can also be a great weekend job that pays well and occupies your time while keeping your mind active. 

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This job has a wide variety of tasks and jobs where you can work closely with pharmaceuticals and the medical field and still have your weekdays for your other jobs or duties. Some of these jobs include but are not limited to: running tests and labs, providing customer service and satisfaction, and sales and distribution. 

The most common job you could find is as a pharmacy technician or a pharmacy clerk. These people would typically be found in a pharmacy and working in distributing medications and taking prescriptions. Other types of jobs are in manufacturing the drugs to be sold at pharmacies around the U.S. Some of these types of jobs require training as a pharm tech or at least a medication certification class and certificate up to date. 

To work as a pharmacy tech, you need to be able to read and identify medications based on name and what they do. You must also have a good eye for detail and make sure you are giving the correct drugs to the correct patient, otherwise you and your company could be in legal trouble. It is preferred that you have at least some experience with handling drugs and being in a pharmacy but it is not often required. A high school diploma or equivalent is also preferred but not required. 

The companies that are hiring pharmacy techs in New Jersey are Rite Aid, a pharmacy located in several of New Jersey’s cities; Apotheco Pharmacy Group; and Robinson Drug & Compounding Center. There are also other pharmacies inside of grocery stores that hire techs as well, Walgreens is a popular one as well as any Walmart. 

The average pay a pharmacy tech can receive working in New Jersey is around $18 an hour but can fluctuate based on your overall experience in the field of handling prescription meds. If you want to work closely in the field of medicine without the exhausting hours it requires during the week, this could be the perfect and easy weekend job for you in the beautiful Garden State. 

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Retail Coverage Merchandiser

This job is very similar to a customer service rep but is also different in many ways. As a retail merchandiser, you would be asked to ensure that all products are displayed in a pleasing way, and check their expiration dates to prevent the selling of a bad product. Assisting customers in locating products and sections of the store is also an essential part of the job. At nights you would also restock shelves and unpack boxes of supplies that come from the trucks. 

To be the best retail coverage merchandiser you can be, you will need to be polite and patient as many customers will come to you during busy hours or when you’re already stocking shelves and asking for your assistance. This will require you to divert your full attention to them, succeed in fulfilling their request, and then continue doing what you were before without complaint or rudeness towards the clients. You will also need to be in good physical health as you will be asked to pick up to 50 lbs per package; you would be on your feet for most of the day walking around and stocking shelves. Being on time, good job etiquette and dedication to your job is essential.

Walmart is one company that hires retail coverage merchandisers as they are a large chain grocery store and hold a lot of employees under their wings. Another that may hire you is Acosta, a marketing and service company for packaged goods from other companies. Macy’s and other clothing chains will also hire merchandisers to monitor their shelves and make sure that they are up to date and free from clutter. Though Walmart and Acosta are the biggest chain companies that commonly hire retail merchandisers, there may be smaller companies that hire if you ask. 

The typical merchandiser is paid around $12 to $18 an hour in New Jersey, but as always, you can climb the ladder to a higher paying job in any industry. To be a retail merchandiser in New Jersey is a gratifying and exciting job as you would meet people from all walks of life. If you love assisting others or simply restoring order on your weekends off, retail merchandising is for you. 

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Non-combat Military Weekend Jobs in New Jersey
Non-combat Military Weekend Jobs in New Jersey

Non-combat position in the U.S. Army

This job is perhaps one of the best ones on this list as you need no basic training or skill before applying to this position. 

If you join the U.S. Army, you would be asked to go to training in different skills depending on what area of the army you are assigned or go into. The benefits of this job are numerous including medical and dental insurance, flexible schedule, and a retirement plan. The pay is raised annually, and there is such a variety of jobs you can choose from, anywhere from medical to construction to supply and logistics. Every job you could ever want in your life is there in the army with the benefits and education you need to be trained to do the skills required.

This job would be best for those able to work well in a team as well as who are hard working. With all the benefits given, the army expects you to be a hard worker so that they can also reap the benefits of educating and training you in your selected field. The army would rather you be a detailed-oriented person, paying close attention to the things you learn and do. You must be able to work on your own without a lot of guidance. Independence is a key trait in the army along with working as a team. 

The only place you can get hired for this job is with the army is at one of their recruiting offices that are scattered across the entire U.S. New Jersey has nine recruiting offices, which is more than many other states have. If you’re able to locate one of these offices, you can become a hired army man or woman and begin training almost immediately. They are always hiring and paying for your education. 

The average amount you can get paid as an army man or woman in the U.S. is between $1,602 and $4,180 a month. Although working in the army may sound scary, this is a non-combative position and you would never need to see the worst side of the battlefield. If you want to be in the army with all its benefits and paid education, this is your perfect chance for a weekend job while supporting our country. 

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Working in weekend jobs in New Jersey

If you plan to move to and/or live in the Garden State and want an easy weekend job that has flexible hours, high pay, and offers something interesting to do over the weekend, then these jobs are just the right ones for you. 

New Jersey is a great place to live, with its beautiful scenery and diverse people. There are many places in New Jersey that are hiring. The industries that keep it thriving continue to grow and develop with new jobs opening every day, done by professionals trying to make the world a better place. Working in any of these jobs would allow you to soak in the greatness that is New Jersey.

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