Weekend Jobs New York City
Weekend Jobs New York City

Weekend Jobs in New York City

The glamour, the shows, the lights, and the prices! Living in New York City can be expensive from taxi fares to simple food and housing costs. That’s why, when in the Big Apple, a high paying job, a second job, or a side hustle or side gig, is a must-have. 

Placed just off the coast of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, New York is often considered cold in the winter and pleasant in the summer. The pillars of its economy are mostly real estate, health care, financial services, and new technology. 

Because there are almost 20 million people living in NYC, it stands to reason that there would be a huge demand for medical services. Another large market is real estate; with so many people in the city, housing continues to be built, sold, and rented at alarming costs. Not only are housing and medicine in high demand but also manufacturing. This may sound strange at first but New York is one of the U.S.’s major exporting locations of manufactured goods as well as popular clothing lines, glass, and other things like computers and mobile devices. 

New York City is also the main source of journalism, new media, and news throughout the United States. So without further ado, here are some great and well-paying weekend jobs that can be found right in New York City. 

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Weekend Jobs in New York City

Health Care

One option is to work as a CNA, which stands for certified nursing assistant. In this position you would need to have a heart that can care for everyone you’re asked to watch over, and then help them with their daily activities like getting dressed, eating, and general hygiene. While this job can be a nitty-gritty one, it can also be very rewarding. 

As a CNA, you would be asked to take care of residents or patients in a hospital setting and assist them with their ADL’s (activities of daily living) which would include but are not limited to dressing, eating, grooming, general hygiene, and getting around. You would also be required to clean up messes that nurses and doctors are too busy to take care of, and comfort patients and family members in times of difficult news or hard days. 

To fulfill a CNA position, you must have a caring heart that can sympathize with those who are going through challenging circumstances with their health or overall satisfaction in life. You must have patience to deal with problems that older patients may exhibit, i.e. forgetting things, trouble in speaking, or difficulty going to the bathroom alone. You would be required by your employer to have a CNA certification along with a CPR certification in case of emergency. 

Some New York employers to look into are Floral Long Term Care facility, a residential care facility that takes care of those who can no longer take care of themselves. They take pride in the small community they’re able to create within the care home and present a warm and welcoming front. Another place to consider is Cobble Hill Nursing Home which is located in Brooklyn. It is a great place to work as the environment is a friendly and open space, and those working there strive for both independence and team effort. 

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Pet Sitter

We all know that the stereotypical New Yorker has a dog that he or she will bring to Central Park to play fetch or mingle with other furry creatures. That’s why it’s a tried and true job-hunting fact that most New Yorkers need pet sitters on the weekend when they go out to play on their own. 

As a pet sitter, you would be asked to pick up after the pet, cleaning up any messes they make, feeding them at the correct times, getting their energy out by taking them on walks or playing with them, and then reporting back to their owners how they did. If the pet suffered an accident, damaged someone’s property, or showed signs of sickness, then you have to report that, too.

To be a pet sitter means that you must be responsible. You’re no longer simply taking care of yourself, you’re also taking care of another person’s pet. You must also be punctual and able to handle high-strung pets that may give you trouble at times, because they bite on their leash or make a run for it up the nearest tree. You should also have a friendly demeanor that will make it possible for you to get along well with the pets and not be afraid of them. 

This type of pet sitting job could make you anywhere from $25 to $30 a day with shifts anywhere from 8-12 hours. The shifts will include either early mornings, late nights, or both. To be a pet sitter requires commitment to both the owner and the pet. To find a sitter job for pets, you can look on boards at your local animal shelter or pound as well as flyers posted on poles and around the city, and as always, you can look on job searching websites such as New York City Job Boards, Snagajob, and CareerCloud, all widely used websites in New York to find a pet sitting job. 

Employers like MixyPaws NYC Dog Walking, which has a 4.8 star review on Google, offers onsite training, walking, playmates, and any other amenities a dog owner may come in need of. Another great place to work in New York is Buddy’s Dog Den, with two locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This amazing doggy daycare offers monitored overnight sleepovers, grooming, feeding, and playing with the dogs trusted to their care. 

If you’re an animal lover in the Big Apple, this weekend job near New York City is the perfect one for you. You can classify it under the “places to work near me.”

Babysitter Weekend Job in New York City

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Weekend Maid

Okay, so perhaps this may be one of the more boring jobs but if you like to clean and organize, being a weekend maid is the way to go in NYC. They are among the jobs that make applicants say of “places near me hiring.”

A weekend maid would be asked to clean for different companies or the same one nightly, depending on what job you take but they would all essentially do the same thing. You would dust, sweep, and mop the floors of the building, disinfect any public rails and handles, clean bathrooms, and tidy up offices through vacuuming and dusting. 

A cleaning position of this type requires long hours of standing, walking, and sometimes crawling to get into small but dirty spaces. You need to be trustworthy, resilient, have a good attention to detail, and be on time. You must also be able to lift up to 50 lbs without help and follow directions carefully. 

A weekend maid’s cleaning job is done at night from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., so you would need to be able to shift your sleeping schedule accordingly. The hourly rate for a weekend maid is approximately $18 to $25 an hour, depending largely on experience and quality of work. The best way to find a cleaning job is to go through job search websites posting for big companies that require cleaning at night; you can also look for organizations that clean for banks and other high end buildings. 

Employers to consider are found on websites like Angi.com or Indeed.com when searching a maid job type. If you are a night owl who likes to organize, have a great attention to detail, and are fastidious that places should be clean, being a weekend maid may be the best job for a little extra money on the side. This is a practical weekend job near New York City.

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Babysitter Weekend Job in New York City
Babysitter Weekend Job in New York City


If you like kids and want to have a job that is both challenging and full of adventures, this is the job for you! 

This babysitting job would entail babysitting kids from early in the morning until late at night on weekends. You would need to keep the children well-fed with things beneficial to their health, and entertain them with games and activities so they can have a fun weekend with you. And you must also be able to protect the children under your care. 

A caregiving job of this type would require that you be good with children in knowing how to occupy them and keep them happy while their parents or guardians are away. You must also know what to feed the children or special medications the kids may need for their allergies. It would be preferred that you also know CPR and the Heimlich maneuver in case an emergency happens. 

You must be flexible and responsible as you will be taking care and protecting other people. You must be punctual and have a cheerful demeanor towards the kids, no matter what is going on in other areas of your life. 

Although you may have to look around to find families that are looking for a babysitter, you can also find advertisements for the job on places like Care.com and Sitter.com as well as New York Babysitting Services. If you fulfill the requirements provided by those employers looking for sitters, then you will be a great candidate for the nanny job. The typical pay for this job is around $10 to $12 an hour. A caregiving job can be found on job search websites like Indeed.com and other job sites, daycare billboards, and connections through friends and family. 

If you love children and even have kids of your own who need friends, this caregiving job could be the greatest one for you! It is a weekend job in New York City.

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Real Estate Agent

To find the perfect house, your dream home, isn’t that what everyone wants? What if you could help people achieve just that by searching for them and showing them into the place of their dreams? Well, as a real estate agent you can do exactly that and get paid good money for it. 

To be a real estate agent is to educate clients on basic real estate procedures such as how much an apartment or house in NYC typically rents or sells for, what you believe to be fair, and how you are going to narrow down their search for a home. You must be an active listener and adhere to as many client needs and wants in a house as you possibly can with the options given to you. You will be asked to search through several apartments and houses, looking for ones that fulfill your clients needs, you would host open houses and other events, review anything from housing leases to closing contracts, as well as assist your client in any questions or concerns they may have when house searching. 

An effective real estate agent is able to communicate clearly what they understand of the house and its cost. You must also be comfortable with public speaking and have clear handwriting as well as the ability to build rapport with clientele. To be a great agent, you should be polite and cheerful with a real desire to help your clients find their dream estate. 

The places most consistently hiring real estate agents include Gotham Properties, a small real estate agency that rents out a few choice buildings in New York. Although it is small, its apartments are breathtaking and the workplace is comfortable. Nooklyn.com is a website wherein people can post their apartments so others can find affordable and comfortable living space in New York. A third employer option is Keller Williams NYC which offers training and career support to new agents as well as a healthy and light working space. The average payment for a new real starting agent would be around $20 to $30, but can go as high as $50 an hour once you’ve gained experience and knowledge. 

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This job is much like the weekend night maid but on a more personal level, as you would be working with the same family every weekend. A housekeeper is a weekend job near New York City.

A housekeeping job would require that you take care of any children and pets your employers have by feeding, cleaning up after, and entertaining them throughout the day. You would also be asked to cook meals, clean up messes, and tidy up anything around their home that needs it. You would also water plants, wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum the rooms, and any other tasks that you are asked to complete around the house. 

A housekeeping job requires little from you except that you be punctual, polite, have a good eye for organization, and what looks good in the house pertaining to any decorations or trinkets that are laid out for all to see. You would also need to be good with children and animals, as you may be required to interact with them and be good at cooking. 

You also have to be good at cleaning every part of the house.

If you’re looking to be a housekeeper and work for a well known employer, you could begin by applying to Today’s Maid, located in New York City with a 4.9 star review from Google. Other great places are Magical Maids and Magic Cleaning Group, owned and operated for about two years now with a good management team, along with websites like Care.com that also help to hire housekeepers. 

A housekeeping job of this type would start at around $10 to $14 per hour of work done. This job would include late nights and early mornings, sometimes permanently depending on when your employer wants you there. Find listings for this job around town at day care facilities, schools, and any job listing website. 

If you like to clean or love to take care of kids who aren’t yours, a weekend babysitting job could be the “best fit” for you! 

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New York City Matchmaker Weekend Job
New York City Matchmaker Weekend Job

NYC Matchmaker

This is perhaps one of the strangest and little known jobs on this list, but it is a great job if you are a hopeless romantic with an eye for strangers who have the potential to be romantically matched. A matchmaker is one of the rare weekend jobs near New York City.

This job would require that you are able to read people well and know who they’ll be able to match and find love with. You would need to be available to answer any client inquiries that come your way as well as attend client meetings occasionally, often held in the NYC headquarters of matchmaking. You could plan dates, match different people, and make the hopeless romantic love story come to life.

To be a successful matchmaker, you need to be polite and care about those whom you are working with to really get to know them; in that way, you can make their perfect love story come true. You need to be punctual in client meetings and know how to read people’s emotions and the dynamics in the room as you enter it. You also need to be able to speak English fluently; work well with a team; and have finished a 4-year-degree course.

Now to be hired by such a rare kind of job, you can really only have a few employers that hire. One of the most common and famous in New York City, is the SEI Club, known to be one of NYC’s best matchmakers. It is a private club that has operated for almost 15 years, bringing love to those who seek to find it. The pay per hour for this love matching gig would be $25 to $150 an hour, depending on your experience and length of work with the team assigned to you. To find this type of job, look at any job-searching website. If you are looking for real life romance and drama, this is the perfect fit weekend gig in New York for you. Weekend jobs in New York City can ask you to think out of the box.

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Retail Sales Associate

Going back to our intro to the “Big Apple”, retail is one of the most common industries in New York City. But what exactly does it mean to be a retail sales associate? What does it include? 

As a retail sales associate (RSA) you would help customers find merchandise, solve any disputes they may have against your company, and greet and assist them in any way you possibly can. You would also be asked to stock shelves, organize labels and products, and any other jobs that may need help with a slow day in the shop. 

To be an RSA is to be a people person. You must be able to maintain your composer and be as polite as possible, even in the face of an angry customer. You need to be able to listen well and understand what their problem is, as well as have good problem solving skills and know what you can do for the customer. A retail sales associate must be dedicated to helping the client in any way possible through the means they have available to them. It is, quite literally, a people pleasing job with higher pay. 

Some places in New York that hire RSA’s are commonly known throughout the world. They include but are not limited to big clothing stores such as H&M, Gap, Macies, Puma; museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art; software companies such as Pomvom and iTechArt; and supermarkets like Trader Joes, Morton Williams Supermarket, and Fairway Market. Really it is any place that has a lot of interaction with their customers. The average pay for an RSA is anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour.

If you have a love of fashion, food, or any other big industry that serves the people of this world in all their complaints and compliments, then being a retail sales associate in New York City is the perfect job for you!

New York City is one of the greatest and bustling cities in the world. It is known for its amazing pizza, beautiful buildings, and exciting street adventures. But it is also one of the most expensive places to live. If you live in New York, or are about to move there, you now have great options for weekend jobs to either earn a little extra money or to simply pass the time. New York and your new weekend job could be your next great adventure!

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