7 Easy Weekend Jobs Columbia South Carolina
7 Easy Weekend Jobs Columbia South Carolina

Weekend Jobs in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina, a mixture of: families and people who come together to live there, young professionals and entrepreneurs, old retirees who are ready to enjoy their life to the fullest, small families looking to rent a house, and large families gathering there for reunions.

People from all walks of life thrive in that city. One industry that flourishes in Columbia is agriculture, as there is a numerous amount of farmlands to grow wheat, corn, and cotton. Others are aerospace and tourism; though both are vastly different, they thrive together in the little city.

If you want to make extra income, there are weekend jobs in Columbia, South Carolina that you can try out. Here are a few:

Columbia South Carolina Weekend Jobs

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Columbia South Carolina Weekend Truck Driver Jobs
Columbia South Carolina Weekend Truck Driver Jobs

Truck Driver

This job is widely needed in Columbia, South Carolina as it is listed several times on many job-searching websites. If you don’t have a family you need to see often, and your schedule is flexible, this driving gig is the greatest one on this list for you!

As a truck driver, you would transport cargo across state lines over long distances to deliver the cargo to where it needs to go. You would sometimes be asked to work late into the night so you can get products to the specific destination by the deadline. Your driving skills would be evaluated as you would need to be a good driver with a current license. 

To be the best candidate for a truck driving job, you need to be at least 23 years old, have a certified driver’s license (CDL), and about one year of experience in driving a big truck. Trucking is a delicate task as you are often one of the biggest vehicles on the road; careful and considerate driving is essential to this job. Good time management, adhering to safety precautions and knowing when to take a break when you become tired are all qualities that would make you succeed in this trucking job. 

This gig would pay truck drivers approximately 48 CPM (cents per mile). Your payment can also fluctuate, depending on whether you are working with hazardous materials or not. Once you’ve signed a contract, your payment can also increase for every four months you stay with the company. A trucking job post can be found online on a trucking website or any job search site online.

Specific trucking companies that are hiring are Andrus Transportation, which is located in New Jersey and always hiring drivers. Swift Transportation is actually the largest trucking company in the United States, with over 23,000 trucks in its fleet. Other less common but nonetheless valid employers are Amazon, which has packages that travel all across America. Any clothing store that needs to transport their products, as well as grocery stores like Walmart and Winco Foods also make sure they hire trucking companies.

If you like to travel to a lot of different places and meet all kinds of people, a trucking job is a suitable one for you! Search for it among the weekend jobs in New Columbia South Carolina.

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Direct Support Professional (DSP)

This job is a bit more abstract and unheard of than some others on this list, but it is a job you should look at nonetheless, especially if you’re looking to only work on the weekends. It counts among the rare but exciting weekend jobs in Columbia, South Carolina.

South Carolina MENTOR works closely with The MENTOR Network which provides services to children, adolescents, and teens with developmental challenges that affect their social, emotional, and behavioral well-being. As a Direct Support Professional (DSP), you would assist these kids in their ADL’s (activities of daily living), and take them for outings, field trips, and any appointments they may have to attend. You have to prepare them for the challenges of life by teaching them budgeting, cooking, and ways to handle their stress level and outbursts of aggression. 

The job requirements to work as a DSP are a high school diploma or equivalent, at least 18 years of age, and some sort of experience in caring for and guiding patients or residents. You need to be compassionate and understanding with those you work with, as well as know how to handle the kids in public professionally. To succeed in this job, you need a caring heart and an able body to assist the kids with anything they may need emotionally and physically. 

Because this job is so specific to the company, you would typically be getting hired by South Carolina MENTOR. The pay to work as a DSP is around $10 to $12 an hour with paid time off and holiday pay. If you want to find this job, simply look on The Mentor Network website or any job searching site on the internet. 

If you want to make a big impact on the children of our world and assist them in living their best lives possible, this is the perfect weekend job for you in Columbia South Carolina. 

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Janitor Weekend Jobs Columbia South Carolina
Janitor Weekend Jobs Columbia South Carolina

Commercial Janitor

So some jobs might not be as glamorous as others, but this is certainly a high-demand job that you can easily accomplish on the weekends for a good amount of pay. 

A commercial janitor does the light maintenance to the building they are assigned to. They mop and sweep the floor, clearing any debris left from the days shuffling clients and employees. You would pick up and empty garbage, locate and fix any maintenance issues, and lock up the building after your job is done. 

To be a janitor in these high-class buildings, you need to have a clean record and be on time. This means you’ll need to have a reliable vehicle or other mode of transportation to work. You’ll also need to be trustworthy, and work well with any team you are paired with. You should have a positive attitude, and be dedicated to your job and do the best you possibly can. 

The average payment for a commercial janitor of this type starts at around $10 an hour for a 12 hour shift from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Types of places that would hire for this janitor job are the local hospitals and caregiving centers, along with any big buildings like car dealerships and local business buildings. Retail custodians are also in high demand in Columbia, South Carolina. 

While this job is perhaps one of the more nitty gritty jobs on this list in Columbia, South Carolina, it can also be one of the most rewarding as you make others’ lives easier by repairing machines and making the building clean and safe for operations. Industrious people will always be needed for weekend jobs near Columbia, South Carolina.

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Delivery Driver

This is a highly respected job though there is perhaps some stigma surrounding it.

As a delivery driver, you would typically work for DoorDash, UberEats, and any other food delivery service. You would receive food orders from around your town and deliver them to the correct address provided, following all the directions given to you through the app of the company you are working for. 

As a driver handling food, you would need to drive carefully so you don’t spill the contents of the bag or drink all over your car. You would also need to drive swiftly but safely so that the food can still arrive when it is hot. To be a delivery driver means you always have to be courteous, as you represent the company you work for through your driving and interaction with customers. You need to be polite and smart when you converse with customers. You would need your own car and as per employer requirements, you need to be at least 19 years old in order to apply. 

Employers looking to hire delivery drivers are major food chains such as Domino’s Pizza, Panera, or companies like UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. The average delivery driver living in Columbia, South Carolina makes around $12 to $16 dollars an hour, not including any tips you may get from customers. 

This is a great job if you’re looking to explore more parts of the city and meet the people of your town through a food service. Food delivery jobs are also among the popular weekend jobs in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

In this Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) position, you would need to have a heart that can care for everyone you’re asked to watch over, and then help them with their daily activities like getting dressed, eating, and general hygiene. While this job can be a nitty-gritty one, it can also be very rewarding. 

As a CNA, you would be asked to take care of residents or patients in a hospital setting and assist them with their ADL’s (activities of daily living) which would include but are not limited to dressing, eating, grooming, general hygiene, and getting around. You would also be required to clean up messes that nurses and doctors are too busy to take care of, and comfort patients and family members in times of difficult news or hard days. 

To fulfill a CNA position, you must have a caring heart that can sympathize with those who are going through challenging circumstances with their health or overall satisfaction in life. You must have patience to deal with problems that older patients may exhibit, i.e. forgetting things, trouble in speaking, or difficulty going to the bathroom alone. You would be required by your employer to have a CNA certification along with a CPR certification in case of emergency. 

Some Columbia, South Carolina employers to look into are White Oak Manor, a local assisted living center in Columbia. Another is The Rice Estate, a residential care facility that takes care of those who can no longer take care of themselves; it works closely with religion and faith-based practices in their care methods. The Palmetto Family Home Care is also a great place to work as the environment is a friendly and open space, and those working there strive for both independence and team effort. 

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Package Handler

As a package handler, you need to sort the packages that come into your facility so they go to the correct city and owner. You would need to be able to read addresses correctly and interpret different signs and signals stamped on the packages to handle them with care. You’d be asked to slide, lift, and move up to 70 lb packages at any one time during your 3 ½ to 4 hour shift. 

A package handler will need to have good attention to detail so you can get the packages to the correct area. You should also be punctual and quick in sorting them. You’ll be on your feet for a lot of your shift so good physical strength is a must for a packaging job. You must also be 18 years old or older, with the ability to read and write English as per the requirements from package delivery companies and retailers such as Amazon. 

Employers that can hire for a package-sorting job are Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and your very own Columbia, SC post office. These places have a high need for sorters and handlers as they have a lot of traffic with packages and mail on their end. Getting them to the right address carefully and quickly is their top priority as it can save them time and money. 

The typical pay for a job of this type found in Columbia is around $18.75 an hour with an occasional sign-up bonus depending on when you’re able to work and sign up for the job. Amazon is always looking for employees; just look at their website or any other job search site such as Indeed.com or Snagajob.com for South Carolina. Check their weekend jobs in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Real Estate Agent

What if you could help people find their ultimate dream house just by searching for them and locating exactly what they’re looking for in a forever home? As a real estate agent you can do exactly that and get paid good money for it. 

To be a real estate agent is to educate clients on basic real estate procedures such as how much an apartment or house in Columbia, SC typically rents or sells for. You also have to check what you believe to be fair, and share with your customers how you are going to narrow down their search for a home. You must be an active listener and adhere to as many client needs and wants about a house as you possibly can with the options given to you. You will be asked to search through several apartments and houses, looking for ones that fulfil your clients’ needs. You would host open houses and other events, review anything from housing leases to closing contracts. You would assist your client in any questions or concerns they may have when house searching. 

An effective real estate agent is able to communicate clearly what they understand of the house and its cost. You must also be comfortable with public speaking and have clear handwriting as well as the ability to build rapport with clientele. To be a great agent, you should be polite and cheerful with a real desire to help your clients find their dream estate. 

Real Estate agencies that hire in Columbia, South Carolina include The Barnhill Team. This is a fantastic team to work under because they have trained under some of the greatest coaching companies in the world. Jacob Barnhill, the founder of the company, strives to train and coach new real estate agents to be the most successful they can be. 

Another great place to work is Keller Williams in South Carolina; he also has a branch in New York. Williams offers training and support to new agents to empower them to succeed in the career that many of them have grown to love. The agents train onsite and Keller Williams pays for it. A final option but certainly not the only one, is the Brokerage House Realtors, one of the top producing real estate agencies in the country. 

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Searching for Weekend Jobs in Columbia, South Carolina

There are many weekend jobs in Columbia, South Carolina that you can apply to, if you need to earn extra money and live within or near these areas. These jobs don’t have a lot of academic requirements but can pay you worthwhile rates for the long hours that you might need to devote in finishing the tasks.

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