#workingfromhome gives new meaning to the concept of Open Office.
#workingfromhome gives new meaning to the concept of Open Office.

#workingfromhome Gives New Meaning to the Concept of Open Office

Remember when the concept of "open office" was the trendy office layout? Goodbye cubical walls, hello noise pollution! 📣

You used to hear Matt chronicling his weekend stories and you thought that was annoying!

Now you've got several kids running around your office (the kitchen table) telling you about their nose bugs, tattle-telling that their sibling called them a mean name, and you can hear it all!

We know it's hard to get any work done when the whole house is the office. Here are some ideas we've tried that might help you deal with noise and interruptions from working at home:

  • Start early and work late. Like only work while the crybabies are asleep. Super easy, and consistent thing to do....right? I mean, c'mon, they gotta sleep sometime. 🥱
  • Noise canceling earbuds. Blocking out your family when you're working from home works amazing..., I get like a solid 3 minutes in peace! 🙉
  • Hide and ignore it all. Sometimes all it takes is to lock yourself in the bathroom, or lay in the tub, or our favorite, hide in the car during your zoom meeting or conference call. What can go wrong when you ignore it all? 🙈
  • Distract the noise makers. We are probably the most thankful people on the planet for streaming tv, televisions in general and tablets. What can we say, they work for a solid 24 minutes or until the episode ends. 📱 And with how educational television programs are these days, now our kids are practically smarter than I am. Our kids have never had 14 hours of TV so good!

Yes, you too can resort to these tactics of working from home and still sleep at night, we promise!

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