Remote Jobs You Can Do on Weekends

While you do have your regular 9-to-5 work, your income from your regular job may not be enough to reach your goal of enjoying a grand vacation or getting a new cushy car or paying off debt. A remote weekend job, a job that can be done on the weekend remotely from the comfort of your own home, can help you reach your goals faster.

But do you have time for a job on the weekend when you have a regular day job? Of course, you do! Here are some remote weekend jobs you can take on that won’t affect your 9-to-5 job work week.

Remote Weekend Jobs

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There are many remote weekend jobs that you can take on as a side gig. But if you want to work weekends, here are some remote gigs you can do on the weekend:

Survey Participant 

While not exactly high-paying, survey participants earn at least $1 per survey. Online surveys proliferate the internet because many research companies are looking for online respondents. Payouts are usually in cash, gifts, virtual credit cards, or discounts, depending on the website or app.

Being a survey participant can be a great gig if you don’t mind answering questions and sharing your opinions. Your patience may also be tested because some surveys may take a long time to finish. points out that “survey companies typically don’t pay you for each and every survey—you have to meet a payout amount to earn your reward.” So you don’t get paid right away. That aside, there are many listings of online survey sites which you can try out.

A word of caution, though: you need to be cautious as some online survey sites ask for payment before you take surveys. That’s a red flag, so don’t sign up, because these so-called surveys are just scams.

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Audio Transcriptionist

If you’re highly skilled at typing and your listening skills are impeccable, then this remote weekend job is for you.

Audio transcriptionists listen to audio files, such as medical dictations, and transcribe the audio into text.

Because audio transcription is a very time-consuming job, many companies outsource it. That’s where you, your typing, and your listening skills come in. As an audio transcriptionist, you are expected to be detail-oriented, meticulous, and accurate.

And the work can prove to be challenging. The Penny Hoarder describes the challenge, thus: “For example, the files you listen to might be very poor quality, making it difficult to understand what’s being said. And other times, you might find yourself trying to interpret unclear dialogue spoken with a thick accent. The work is also quite repetitive. You will have to listen to the same audio over and over again to be sure you have transcribed it perfectly.”

But the pay can be rewarding. According to The Penny Hoarder, transcriptionists can earn a minimum of $15 to an average of $25 an hour; And if you’re a legal transcriptionist who types on screen recorded words from a legal firm, you can make more. If you think you are up to the challenge, check this list of the best transcription jobs.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

The Muse calls this role as “probably the most flexible role of all, and if you have several years of experience and proven success in digital marketing, it could be the ideal gig for you. As a bonus, consultants are generally paid well, as companies rely on their expertise to take their company to the next level.”

Digital marketing is a marketing technique using different digital platforms to promote products and services. BMC Software identified the successful digital platforms which digital marketers use:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Media sharing platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify
  • Knowledge sharing platforms: Quora, Yahoo Answers!
  • Service-oriented platforms: Uber, AirBnB, GrubHub

As a digital marketing consultant, you get to determine how to engage your clients’ audience through various digital platforms, search engines, email campaigns, paid advertising, and blogging. If you fit the bill, then, by all means, scan the listings in, Upwork, and FlexJobs. 

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Website Tester

As the position title suggests, you test the usability of websites. Many companies engage website testers to get feedback to see if their company websites are user-friendly, loads fast, and easy to navigate, among other qualities. The best part of it is you get paid to share your feedback.

Generally, when you test a website, you record your experience. Think of it as unboxing the website instead of unboxing a product like the latest iPhone. While recording and navigating through the website, you talk into your headset or laptop’s built-in mic as you note all the positive and negative things you observe.

There are websites where you can sign up to work as a website tester. Work is very flexible and worth doing during weekends. pegs the income between $5 to $60 per test.

Just in case you’re wondering, aside from the usual site navigation, different website testing may include the following:

  • Watching a video and providing feedback
  • Answering questions about your opinion on different products or services
  • Giving your impressions of different home pages
  • Providing feedback of any kind as requested on the website, product, or service being tested
  • Providing feedback on the user experience of a website or app

So if this sits with you very well, then try signing up for multiple testing websites. You might be doing a lot of online weekend jobs in the near future. 

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Virtual Assistant

Many companies are hiring virtual assistants during weekends, making them among the weekend remote jobs that may have more demand than supply. But do you have any idea what virtual assistants do?

A virtual assistant (VA) provides services online. The clients can be companies or entrepreneurs. Virtual assistants are given access to data and tools required to do the job.

Many VAs, as they’re usually called, are independent contractors or freelancers. They offer services or assistance ranging from:

  • Administrative tasks and duties
  • Email management
  • Calendar or schedule organization
  • Data entry
  • Financial planning
  • Transcription
  • Content writing
  • Website management

The work can be anything a client needs assistance with, as long as the VA can provide the necessary skills to do the job. And because that’s the nature of the job, there’s no standard rate for a VA. Some VAs can charge $2 an hour, while others can charge $100, depending on how complex or challenging the task will be.

To give you an idea, TimeDoctor, a time monitoring app, published in its blog the hourly rates of various types of VAs,

Type of VA Service

Average Hourly Rate in the US

Administrative Services


Executive Services


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


Misc. Services (Marketing, SEO, Research, etc.)


You should be aware, though, of the different payment structures VAs offer to potential employers:

  • Per Hour: You get paid by the hour. That’s where time tracking apps are needed. Here, you pay the virtual assistant for each billable hour.
  • Per Project or Per Task: You get paid for finishing a task. For example, you charge $100 for an editing project or, while functioning as a content writer in the VA position, you can charge 25 cents per word.
  • Flat rate: You get paid a fixed salary for a number of hours worked on a weekly or monthly basis. Note that you will just be doing this job on weekends, so consider the number of hours you can spare as a VA.

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Getting Paid For Remote Weekend Jobs

For remote weekend jobs, the pay is usually through payment platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise. These are the popular payment platforms being used by many freelancers. Know the pros and cons of opening an account on these platforms and choose wisely.

Some payment platforms charge fees when you transfer money to your online banking account. 

You can also check other payment gateways for freelancers here.

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Weekend Jobs “Near Me”

Tip: Typing “jobs near me” in Google search will help you find remote work in your area during weekends. Here are some jobs you might want to consider for remote weekend jobs.

Weekend Receptionist

This is a traditional job you can do on weekends. Yes, many doctors, dentists, and other service providers offer limited weekend hours, which you can be a part of. As a receptionist, you man the front desk, greet clients, and take phone calls on weekends. It’s just a matter of hunting down job listings on Craigslist, Glassdoor, or Indeed.

Because of technology, you can do it in your home, instead of the employer’s office or building. The weekend virtual receptionist has become part of the weekend remote computer jobs. 

ZipRecruiter notes that, when it comes to the virtual receptionist job, “the definition of weekend varies from company to company; some limit weekend shifts to Saturday and Sunday, while others may schedule weekend staff as early as Thursday afternoon.” The basic requirements for a weekend receptionist are as follows:

  • a high school diploma or equivalent
  • an administrative assistant certificate or associate degree
  • some customer service experience
  • some proficiency in basic computer programs
  • excellent communication skills
  • excellent organizational skills
  • friendly demeanor

If you possess any of these minimum requirements and want to do remote weekend jobs, then why not try your hand at becoming a weekend receptionist.

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If you love taking photos and your output is on par with professionals, why not pursue it as a side hustle during weekends? triedandtruemomjobs has great suggestions on how to go about it: “Post your best work on your social media networks and start your online portfolio on” for exposure, pun intended. :)

Other suggestions from the site include:

  • Contacting your local real estate agents and offering your services to take professional pictures of their new listings
  • Contact short-term rental hosts with properties listed on platforms such as and and offer to take professional pictures of their properties which can increase their bookings and rental rates.
  • Licensing your photos through stock photography sites like iStock and Shutterstock
  • Offering your services to friends and relatives who can become your future paying customers

What makes a weekend photographer side job great is that many events like weddings, concerts, and parties take place during weekends. You can even choose which events you want to cover.

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Teaching English Online

Online teaching has become the mode of education nowadays. The demand for online teachers is on the rise. But there’s one online teaching hustle that you can sink your teeth into—teaching English online. Of course, if you know other languages very well, such as French or German, you might as well capitalize on those, too!

But since English is your native tongue, or at least, second language, why not help foreigners learn it? Many Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and more), from middle school, high school, college, to adults and young professionals, want to learn the language.

Two Wandering Soles, a travel blog, has identified the basic requirements for teaching English online:

  • Native or near-native English speaker
  • 18+ years of age
  • A bachelor’s degree (not all companies require this, but it’s fairly common)
  • A reliable Internet connection and a computer or smart device with webcam
  • A personality (that means YOU) that is energetic, positive and enthusiastic about teaching

The same blog listed the companies where you can enlist to teach English online. Among these companies are VIPKid and iTalki. 

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Cooking or Baking

This is something enjoyable to do, especially during weekends. It can even be a bonding moment with your family, especially if you’re letting them in on your local weekend side job.

Healthy home-cooked meals are always in demand, and if you can include delivery service for that, well and good! You’re off to a great start serving your clientele in your area. Many working professionals are willing to pay for healthy home-cooked meals because they’d rather relax during weekends. They might even ask you to barbecue for them!

If baking is your thing, bake away during weekends! As I mentioned, many events happen during weekends. And baked goods are always appealing to present to and serve for the guests.

Here are three things to do to make this cooking or baking side hustle work:

  1. Set up a Facebook page - a friend of mine who’s a dentist loves to cook Vietnamese food. The banh mi (that’s what you call a Vietnamese sandwich) that he makes is totally to die for. The pho (soup) is totally out of this world! And he finally took the plunge by creating a Facebook page for this food. 
  2. Be clear on taking orders online - as this is a weekend-only thing for my friend, he specified that all orders should be in by Friday afternoon, 5 PM.
  3. Be clear on the delivery service - this is tricky, but my friend has specified that customers can book for the food to be delivered to their homes, or he can book the delivery to be charged to the customer’s bill.

Now back to my dentist-friend. His banh mi and pho enjoyed brisk sales that he could hardly cope with handling customers within the first week! Now, he has hired someone (he’s now providing side hustles, too!) to help fulfill weekend orders.

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Be a Tax Preparer

This can be an ideal weekend gig for almost anyone. First, because as long as you have an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), you may prepare federal tax returns!

As per IRS, “Any tax professional with an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is authorized to prepare federal tax returns. However, tax professionals have differing levels of skills, education and expertise.”

However, as a tax preparer, you are expected to have a background in tax preparation or accounting

What does a remote tax preparer do? ZipRecuriter sums it up perfectly:

“[You] assist clients with their taxes and other paperwork related to taxes, such as itemized receipts and proof of write-offs. Your responsibilities… are to ensure that all paperwork is accurate and that your client gets the best possible returns. Your duties often include helping your clients to organize their earnings and other statements.” 

Depending on your workload from your regular 9-to5 job, you can choose to be a remote tax preparer handling individual accounts or helping out small businesses. 

As mentioned above, you need to have a PTIN from the IRS. It will also be helpful if you have had experience in bookkeeping and accounting. Last but not least, because it’s remote work during weekends, you need to have a reliable internet connection.

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Get a Remote or Local Weekend Job

Remote weekend jobs relieve you of the stress of doing side hustles during the workweek. You also get to concentrate on doing the task at hand without thinking of your regular day job. That in itself positively affects your output and would likely show when the work is done. 

Always remember that side jobs should be fun and not cause you undue stress. Take on a remote weekend job worth doing, pays enough, and leads you to many opportunities that will allow you to grow professionally.