Weekend Jobs That Won't Get In the Way of Your Day Job
Weekend Jobs That Won't Get In the Way of Your Day Job

Part-time, On-demand, and Remote Weekend Jobs

We all need the extra cash a side gig or a side hustle provides. But some people can’t seem to find the right mix of having a regular job and an extra side job.

And those with a side job sometimes compromise their regular jobs which can impact their performance in both their day job and side job.

Compromising both your day job and your side hustle shouldn’t happen. Why not find a weekend-only side job that will help augment your income without impacting your full-time job? You know that you will be all the better for keeping busy making money and, in a sense, have the best of both worlds.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of a weekend-only job.

Weekend Jobs That Are a Good Fit with Other Full-time Jobs

Benefits of a Weekend Job

First let’s talk about the benefits of a weekend job (which are the reasons why you do spend time working during this time instead of using them for recreation):

  • Additional income for saving or spending. Of course, this is why we do it—either we are saving up for something, or we are trying to make ends meet. One thing is for sure: weekend jobs give us additional purchasing power and financial security.
  • Flexible work schedule. This allows us to be financially productive during weekends. You can accommodate several weekend jobs, depending on your schedule.
  • Extra monetary support for stay-at-home parents or the disabled. Weekend jobs, especially now that technology allows remote work, help parents and the disabled earn more.
  • Second job that doesn't interfere with the first job's schedule. You can concentrate on doing whatever it is you’re tasked to do without feeling guilty about it.

But what types of weekend-only side jobs are there? We have identified three types: Part-time Weekend Jobs, On-demand Weekend Jobs, and Remote Weekend Work.

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Being part of an event staff can be a good weekend job.
Being part of an event staff can be a good weekend job.

Part-time Weekend Jobs

According to ZipRecruiter, “Part-time weekend jobs include positions that extend from weekdays into the weekend due to the company’s business hours, such as retail sales associates, security guards, delivery truck drivers, or customer service representatives.”

Other part-time weekend jobs have weekday hours but are generally done during weekends, such as DJs and nightclub bouncers.

More of these job types will soon thrive as we begin to normalize after the pandemic.

Part-time Weekend Jobs that Pay Well:

  • Food Delivery: Food delivery allows you a lot of flexibility as services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Instacart let you work when you want to. Weekends are the perfect schedule for many who choose food delivery as their side job.
  • Event Staff: As many special events occur on weekends, this is one side hustle that pays well. Plus, if you’re working in concert venues or sports arenas, you might get to watch the event!
  • Caterer: Catering needs a particular type of server: one with solid customer service and communications skills, food management know-how, and the expertise to create custom menus as required. If you’re into this type of business, why not accept weekend-only engagements?
  • Tour Guide: As cities begin to open up, why not show people around your city—take them to famous tourist spots, museums, and other local attractions? Just make sure you know a lot of history and backstories to keep your guests entertained.
  • Private Tutor: While online tutoring might be the norm right now, nothing beats personal, one-on-one tutoring. You miss out on a lot of things when doing online tutoring. One of which is feeling and discerning whether your student is having a difficult time understanding the lesson. Online tutoring does not easily capture that. Private, personal tutoring will surely come back with a vengeance.
  • Retail Sales: Weekends retail sales go up as many people do their shopping on weekends (of course). Stores look for more workers during this time. One perk of this job is that you might even qualify for an employee discount if you want to buy an item from the shop.
  • Restaurant Server: Weekends are always hectic for the restaurant business. Many of them hire extra help to serve their patrons. And of course, as a server, you will also get some tips along the way.

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Ridesharing can be a great weekend job that won't compromise your day job.
Ridesharing can be a great weekend job that won't compromise your day job.

On-demand Weekend Jobs

“On-demand” jobs are jobs that arise when there’s a business need for it. The definition itself emphasizes the briefness of the opportunity, which makes it ideal for treating it as a side job.

“The nature of on-demand jobs is that you work only when you have the time and desire to work,” as WayUp.com pointed out. “Given the rigorous schedules of students, these flexible hours work in their favor. While some of the on-demand positions require you to own a car, many others do not.”

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On-demand Weekend Jobs for You to Consider:

Transport and delivery - You can earn weekend cash by driving a cab or delivering important items. 

  • Delivery - On-demand delivery jobs require the use of your vehicle. Some companies require a bike for uncomplicated deliveries (a bag of groceries, a bouquet of flowers, etc.) or sometimes a bigger car (laundry delivery, packages, etc.). Deliveries can come in various shapes and sizes; just make sure your vehicle can accommodate delivery jobs.
  • Rideshare - We're all familiar with Lyft and Uber. Here’s a list of markets for ridesharing which you can check out during weekends. Ridesharing has become the go-to side job of many weekend jobbers because you only do it in your spare time. And now, you have the weekends to do it.

Labor - These jobs have two classifications: Personal and Business Jobs. You may find lots of consumers and businesses that need work done on the weekends and not the weekdays. These can include cleaning buildings, landscaping, or trade workers like plumbers or electricians who might have to work when a business is closed so they don’t interrupt the business during the week.

Under On-demand Personal Jobs are tasks done by handymen, cleaners and housekeepers, movers, caregivers, pet sitters, house sitters, and more. These jobs may involve lots of manual work, which can be light or heavy, depending on the work you’re contracted to do. 

On-demand Business Jobs involve work for businesses. One great example of this is warehouse operations, where many activities are happening, such as stocking and assembly. Warehouses, especially of retail products, every so often need additional help to meet increased demands—think of Black Friday, or the Christmas season.

Other On-demand Business Jobs are event staffing, general labor, retail merchandise, contact centers, and more.

Skilled and Professional - These are jobs dependent on your skills. Writing, cooking, web design and development, teaching and coaching, legal advice, accounting work, and more. Note that the tasks mentioned have a lot to do with a profession and the skills needed to perform it.

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Earn extra income with a remote job that won't compromise your day job.
Earn extra income with a remote job that won't compromise your day job.

Remote Weekend Work

For a freelancer (or someone who does many side jobs), remote work is very familiar. According to Remote Year, “Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully.”

As a professional who has a 9-to-5 day job, you can accept side jobs by doing remote work on weekends.

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Some Weekend Remote Work You Can Do:

  • Creative Work: Writing, blogging, designing, layout, web designing, and more. All creative work can be done online too. These remote side jobs are excellent for creative people because they can do it leisurely during weekends. Some of the creative work done during weekends are sometimes better than what’s done on the regular day job.
  • Online Teaching/Tutoring: Courses of interest that you might want to teach can be found at GoAbroad.com. If you have a heart for teaching or just simply helping people learn, why not do it on weekends, right?
  • Proofreading: If you’re great at spotting errors in a written document, and excel at syntax and sentence construction, then here’s a list of the best online proofreading jobs for you!
  • Data Entry: Are you fast at typing? Are you adept at the keyboard? Are you well-versed in Windows, ie. Word, Excel, and other data entry tools? Why not profit from your skill and earn more than $30 an hour?
  • Transcribing: Put your listening skills to work with transcription jobs. Check out this site for transcription jobs that pay well. Most transcription jobs are on a per-project basis. So if you do this on the weekend, you can easily manage how many transcribing jobs you can take on.

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Side Jobs and Taxes

Side jobs, whether they are a side gig or a side hustle, fall under the gig economy, “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs” as defined by the Oxford Languages.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said that the gig economy includes any "activity where people earn income providing on-demand work, services or goods." That means ridesharing and delivery services, online products selling, running errands, and the like are subject to federal income tax.

One Business Insider article on how to pay taxes if you’re doing side jobs reminds us that freelancers still have to file and pay for their federal income taxes. Just make sure you keep a record of what side jobs you’ve worked on and how much you were paid. Self-employment means a 15.3% tax on income above $400.

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Concluding Your Weekend with a Job

One of the best ways to supplement your regular income is by having a weekend-only side job. This way, you can concentrate on your regular Monday to Friday 9-to-5 work without the trappings of a side job after 5 PM.

Weekend-only jobs also spare you from the stress of juggling two jobs simultaneously: your day job and your side job. Sooner or later, it will take a toll on your health and your day job.

Many people I know have opted to take on weekend side gigs which can be less stressful than the 9-5 job. Weekend-only jobs do not take much of their time away from the family while giving the freelancer more ‘me time’ too. Isn’t it about time for you to earn extra by taking on weekends-only side jobs?

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