20 easy weekend jobs in Healthcare, Retail, Caretaking, Driving and Creative Jobs
20 easy weekend jobs in Healthcare, Retail, Caretaking, Driving and Creative Jobs

20 Easy Weekend Jobs

Whether you have some time to kill or you want to earn some extra money, there are a lot of easy weekend jobs you can choose from. Weekend jobs can be hard to find until you know the right places to look. Some require more hours than others but all of them are worth the extra time and money you get in the end if you choose something you love. 

The following weekend jobs are easy because they have few requirements and deal more with common sense rather than trained skills or pure talent. These jobs are always available in any community and many even pay well above minimum wage if you find the right one. Weekend jobs are often ones that require you to spend more hours on them simply because you’ll need to catch up on the weeks worth of work, but they’re a great side gig because you’ll have the time to complete them efficiently and these weekend only jobs are often done best over the weekend. 

Low Skill, High Availability = Easy Weekend Jobs

But why choose to spend them doing something you can’t have fun with? After all, you are sacrificing your weekend. So, here is a list of different but interesting weekend jobs you can do with your time off that you’ll find you can actually enjoy or could help you with your future career.

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There are always weekend jobs available for health care workers or in the healthcare field. You can help take care of people and patients, clean medical facilities, or donate blood or plasma, etc.

The advantage to healthcare-related jobs is that you get to work in a field that is always in demand. As long as you are reliable and honest, you could have a job in the healthcare field. With a health care job, you also get to work with smart and well-qualified people like nurse assistants, nurses, doctores, etc. You also get to directly help to improve people’s lives. Healthcare jobs often give you opportunities to demonstrate your skills and reliability and we have seen people progress from entry-level jobs to be high-level executives over the course of years or decades.

These are good weekend jobs because the healthcare facility will need workers every hour of every day of the week. You will likely be taking over after someone else finishes their regular shift during the week or after regular business hours. So these are easy night and weekend jobs.

Here are some of the best easy weekend jobs in healthcare.

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An entry-level caregiver will work in a small family home or facility where you would take care of children, disabled, or elderly persons. Caregivers may help feed, cloth, and entertain patients. 

Caregiving can be an easy weekend job.
Caregiving can be an easy weekend job.

Naturally, the requirements for this job are that you aren’t squeamish around natural bodily functions such as feeding a child or helping an elderly person go to the bathroom.

A CNA certification could be preferred but not always required . You must have a warm heart capable of taking care of people who can no longer do that for themselves.

The compensation for this job is going to be around $10 to $15 an hour for eight hour shifts.

Many facilities will have a help wanted sign posted on their building or jobs posted on their website if they need more caregivers.

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Donating Plasma

Donating plasma  is perfect for a weekend job because it does not require the typical 9-5 hours.

To donate plasma,  a nurse will measure and test your plasma. If you are healthy and able, you’ll move on to the actual donation portion.

You will sit in a chair, a tech will place a needle in your arm, and a machine will draw blood from you, separate the plasma, and return your blood. The donation process is usually done within 2 hours for your first appointment and 1 hour for every following one.

Now, something to note is that donating plasma can be a little bit tricky. You have to be well hydrated as your plasma is made almost entirely out of water. The technicians prefer that you eat something high in protein and low in fats at most 2 hours before donating. Getting a good night's rest and avoiding smoking 30 minutes before your appointment are also great ways to ensure you can donate. They’ll test both your veins, if one or both are not big enough, sadly they will have to reject you for plasma donation. But the chances of that are rare occurrences.Focus on taking care of yourself and you should be a great candidate for donation.

The average visit to a plasma donation center will have you walking away with anywhere from $20 to $50. You can schedule an appointment with a plasma center by searching “Plasma Centers Near Me”. Your plasma needs to replenish itself which takes around 48 hours so the maximum number of times you can donate in a week is 2, and in a month 8. If you aren’t sick at the sight of needles, this could be a great weekend job that pays really well! 

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Hospital Janitor

A hospital janitor job would typically make sure all bathrooms, patient rooms, and hallways are clear and clean as well as report any malfunction of equipment to the correct authorities. Some janitors even perform light groundskeeping work like shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, and watering trees and plants.

This job would take place in a facility or hospital and only asks for a high school diploma or GED certification but is not necessarily required. A background in shop is certainly helpful when considering applications but again does not determine whether you can apply or not. Good communication skills, time management, and attention to detail are all qualities of a good janitor. 

The pay to be a hospital janitor can be between $10 and $15. You would typically find job postings on hiring websites like Indeed.com or ZipRecruiter and your local healthcare facility’s website. If you find that you want to work in healthcare a little but have had no previous experience, this could be the best opportunity to make a difference. 

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Hospital Kitchen Server

As a hospital kitchen server, you would prepare the food trays for the patients, following any dietary requirements they have during their hospital stay.

It is preferred that you have a high school diploma or GED certificate, you must be able to lift up to 40 lbs, and this job requires a lot of standing and walking. To be successful, you should have a cheerful demeanor and good communication skills so you can talk to the patients and visiting family.

The average pay for this job is around $10 an hour. Again, to find this type of job, Indeed.com or any other job listing website would certainly have means to contact an employer directly. 

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A dispatcher in a hospital helps facilitate communication among the health care workers in the facility. You will help communicate when hospital rooms are available, when patients need to be transferred, communicate the need for hospital rooms, etc.

This job would require you to be in a strong emotional state as you would be dealing with people in life crises and other health care workers will contact you often asking for help. A healthcare dispatcher can be a really gratifying job that will bring you good memories of helping those in need. 

The only specific requirement for this job is that you have a high school diploma or GED. The payment for this job, on average, is around $14 an hour and could be a great weekend job for those of you who want to make a difference in healthcare.

The way to get hired for this job would be to search on Indeed.com or if you have any personal connections to fire department or law enforcement personnel, they may know of job opportunities for you. 

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To work in retail is one of the most admirable jobs as you will be working with customers' complaints and compliments. Retail requires that you know how to sell products for your company and recall information about them. You must also have a calm demeanor able to handle upset customers with professionalism and class. When needed you may be asked to help stock and receive inventory or any other odd jobs retail requires. 

Retail jobs are easy weekend job because they have low requirements and high availability.
Retail jobs are easy weekend job because they have low requirements and high availability.

Retailers are almost always hiring people to stock shelves, be a cashier, watch the self-checkout line, clean the building, return carts, answer phones, hold signs, welcome people to the store, etc.

Retail doesn’t always pay the best because the jobs are so easy to qualify for, but they are very common. Once you have experience in a retail job you can use that experience at another retailer for any weekend retail job.  

After you have had a lot of experience, working in retail can be one of those ‘easy money weekend jobs’ that you can do when you need cash ASAP.

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As a receptionist you would make appointments, help customers with scheduling and billing questions, and receive the payments from customers. This job requires basic computer skills along with knowing how to schedule and communicate with people in a way that they can easily understand you.

This job is great for anyone who knows their way around a computer and has great people skills. 

Pay for this position in a company can be in the range of $10 to $19. If you know anyone who recently opened an office or have seen signs for a new office around town, drop by and see if they have any positions open for a receptionist. 

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Sign Spinner

Whether you love to move your hands or you want to remember your old baton twirling days, being a sign spinner can be an easy weekend job. Go to a place you trust, a place you would endorse yourself to apply to be a sign spinner. This job would require long hours outside so water and a hat are essentials in this line of work.

But if you have a lot of energy, this job pays about $15 an hour and could be exactly what you need to be more active outside. Be on the lookout for “Help Wanted” signs and other sign spinners around town. If they have one sign spinner, they could be in need of more sign spinners on the weekend or to take another shift. 

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing could be the easiest weekend job you’ll find on this list. These people are paid by a company to promote and endorse their products. You try the products and if you like them, you spread the word about their product.

Influencer marketing can be an easy weekend job.
Influencer marketing can be an easy weekend job.

Influencers can be paid as much as $250 per post,  making influencer marketing one of the weekend jobs that pay well. However, you need to have a decent amount of followers to qualify as an influencer. Influencing can be a great weekend job that racks in the money just for trying and talking about a product on social media. 

The best way to find an easy weekend job as a social media influencer would be to browse any social media and look for other influencers. They’ll often mention what they do and post when their company wants more influencers on their side. You can also look at what brands other influencers are promoting and contact the brand to offer your services.

There are also influencer platforms that connect brands to influences. You can apply to be part of their influencer programs.

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Caretaking jobs require more hours than most because you need to watch children or pets who have high energy and an almost non-existent fear of dangerous things. Careful attention must be paid during a caretaking job to ensure that those under your watch are protected and given everything to meet their basic needs of life. Caretaking is one many admire but few have the time to do, even as parents. 

Caretaking can be a fun and energetic job, especially if you look after small children. Their energy is unmatched and the things they say will have you laughing for days. Forming a bond with the kids you look after is an essential part of this job. It makes taking them to activities easier, discipline smoother, and loving them all the more meaningful. 

Taking good care of a house you’re asked to watch is important as well. Keeping packages from being stolen or rained on is deeply appreciated by homeowners, along with tidying up any messes made and protecting their house by locking up when you leave for the night. 

Something to note of caretaking is that it can require long hours of the day. Many parents work or run errands where they will be gone from the house all day with you left to take care of not only the children and any pets they have, but also cook and clean the house. You may also find that if a child gets hurt you will feel guilty for not being around to protect them. Getting them professional help when necessary and noticing when something is wrong is a needed intuitive skill for this position. 

Caretaking jobs can be taxing mentally as you are either alone in a house with the patent or with noisy kids or pets. Going into this job you have to prepare yourself with strategies to keep calm and composed. But as the children learn to love you, and you love them in return, this job can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. 

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If you love kids, this is the easy weekend job for you.

As a nanny you would need to know how to take care of children and love them as if they’re your own. You would spend all day with them, tending to their needs, feeding them when they’re hungry, and maybe even putting them to bed before their parents get home.

A nanny needs to be caring and loving towards the children, willing to spend hours entertaining them and teaching them how to behave while parents are gone. A nanny must have good communication skills, and a background in first aid is a great idea.

Being a nanny on the weekend requires working with both the parents and children so getting to know both groups is essential.

The average nanny in the US gets paid about $19 for every hour, their weekly salary depends on how much time the parents need the nanny for. Some parents need a nanny only during business hours on the weekdays, but other parents need a nanny on the weekend too which can make this an easy weekend job.

You can find nanny jobs on Care.com, Indeed.com, or from neighbors and friends whom you know may need help with their children. 

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House Sitter

This job is one that requires a lot of trust from your employers and you must not break that trust.

You must have a good reputation.You must have good communication skills and be able to keep the house in an orderly fashion while the owners are away. You must be able to clean up after yourself and take responsibility for whatever your employers ask you to do, whether that’s taking out the trash, watering plants, or taking in packages.

The average house sitter is paid anywhere from $15 to $30 for making sure the house is secure and safe every day. Sometimes this weekend job could be offered to you by family friends but another way to get it is to create your own flyers and post them in public places where they’ll be seen by the population.

You will need to provide references that new homeowners can contact to discuss your house sitting services and reputation. If past clients can recommend you, you’ll likely get the house sitting gig, but if the past clients cannot recommend you then you won’t get the house sitting job for the weekend. 

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House Cleaner

As a house cleaner, you would clean someone's house for an hour or two. This can be done on the weekend or during the week. If your schedule only allows you to clean houses on the weekend that will probably work fine.

You don’t have to clean everything, you clean whatever the homeowner wants you to clean.

House cleaning can be an easy weekend job.
House cleaning can be an easy weekend job.

In order to be a good candidate for this job you have to be good at cleaning and have an attention to detail along with good communication skills so you can fully understand what the homeowner wants from you.

The average pay for a house cleaner is around $25 to $90 an hour. Indeed.com is a great place to search for a maid position as well as Jobs2Careers for any housekeeping advertisement. You can also find house cleaning jobs on the weekend by reaching out to people you know who are busy or have large families or are often gone on the weekend so you can help them with something they can’t or don’t want to do.

You can also offer services to elderly or disabled persons who need more help to physically clean their house.

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Pet Sitter

Calling all animal lovers, this easy weekend job is the one for you. If you love our slobbery friends, being a pet sitter would be a dream come true for you.

As a pet sitter you would be asked to look after the animals in their house, feed them at the appropriate times, and play with them when their energy spikes.

The average pet sitter is paid approximately $5 an hour but could make more depending on their hours. Posting a flyer at your local vet and animal shelters is a great place to start looking for jobs as new pet owners may need a break. If you can’t ever get enough of your own pet, why not try it out and take care of others? 

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Driving jobs could be your next great adventure for every weekend. To get the most out of a driving gig you must be able to hold a conversation and talk with different kinds of people who will cross the threshold of your car. You must be able to multitask safely as needed to make those you drive with feel comfortable and safe while still making the ride interesting and enjoyable. 

A driving gig could send you all over your town to places you didn’t even know existed. You could get to know the nooks and crannies of your city far more than you ever thought possible as well as meet people from all walks of life. You can hear new stories of adventures and trials and provide safe and reliable transportation. 

However, a driving job could also mean late nights and early mornings of picking up and dropping off those with early or late flights in airports out of town. The risk of a crash from others careless driving is always a possibility and some of the following companies require that you use your own car. So you don’t have a vehicle yourself, this job could be difficult to get. 

A driving job could be just the thing you need to feel like you’re on a rollercoaster going over hills and into valleys while singing along to your favorite song. If you love to go on roadtrips or simply miss the days of teenage cruising in your dad's truck, the following jobs are perfect. 

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Taxi Driver

If you have a car and are a good driver, you could get a great and easy weekend job with companies like Uber, Lyft, or Curb as a driver anywhere a taxi service is available.

The only requirements are you have to be 21 years or older, have 3 years of driving experience, and have a valid driver's license. They will also check your criminal history and background.

To drive someone around for a while as an uber, you can make an average of $19 an hour. All you need to do is apply to an Uber service in your city and wait for their call. If you love the open road or know your hometown well, this could be the perfect well paying weekend job for you!

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Delivery Driver

Though food service tends to have a bad rap, being a delivery driver could give you a chance to explore your hometown and jam to your favorite tunes while earning money.

Your easy weekend job as a delivery  driver would be to deliver food to the correct address in sufficient time so their food is still hot.

Driving and delivery can be an easy weekend job.
Driving and delivery can be an easy weekend job.

In order to be the most effective delivery driver you must have a clean driving record, a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid driver's license, and previous experience may be preferred or required depending on where you apply.

The average pay for a delivery driver is approximately $15 an hour which, for an easy weekend job, is pretty great. All you need to do to begin is go to any local places that support delivery drivers and apply for your position. 

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Runaround Driver

A weekend job as a runaround driver may require you to do some searching but if you find clients, it could be perfect. 

Many mothers and fathers have kids in sports, especially in their busy seasons. But parents can become busy with everyday lives and work and all the little ones that aren’t into sports yet. 

This could be the perfect opportunity to reach out to them and offer your services as a designated driver. You could pick up and drop off any of the kids who have sports at their destinations and pick them back off at home for anything from $10 to $20, depending on if they’ll pay for gas as well. 

Some retailers such as auto parts and retailers also offer driver jobs to run their products to other businesses or to customers at home.

Go to Care.com and look for any babysitting jobs that entail driving their children around or ask your friends to be on the lookout for families in need of a driver. This could be a great easy weekend job, especially when their games are over the weekend. 

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Shuttle Driver

If you live in a college town or know of a shuttle service that goes to Walmart, you could apply to drive people around.

This job is easy as it only requires a driver's license and a basic knowledge of how cars and buses work. A certification in first aid could bring you to the top of their application list but that is not a requirement. You must know safety codes and laws and abide by the laws of the road. 

This job can pay anywhere from $10 to $22 and may include tips from customers, especially if you can be helpful and/or entertaining while driving safely. Apply for this job anywhere there is a shuttle service, oftentimes they’ll have advertisements on their shuttles or apartment buildings in the lobby. If you love cars and anything auto, then this easy weekend job is for you.

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Creative Jobs

These next few jobs are great options for if you want to work around your own schedule because you’re able to do these things with any freetime you have. You can do them virtually anywhere if you have all the tools you need. In many of these creative side gigs, you’re able to touch the lives of people you wouldn’t have normally had the chance to.

These jobs will take the better part of your weekend because you are creating things from scratch, usually without the help of others; but as they are side gigs for the weekend, they are great for your purposes here and could turn into a wonderful money maker or pastime that you could do for a lifetime. 

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Blog Writer

Writing a blog for yourself or for someone else that hires you can be an easy weekend job. If you know how to write well enough for your audience or the business hiring you, then you can write a blog.

The requirements for this job are often that you speak the same language as the majority of readers the blog is targeting and that you have some experience in writing articles and papers. You will likely also know how to do research online through search engines, journals, and documents. A basic high school education is probably necessary, and college education is preferred.

The type of blog you write for is all dependent on your interests, but definitely try to find one that you feel you could write interesting things about to attract readers.

The pay for writing blogs can vary depending on the length of the article and what the blog owner is willing to pay per word; but even getting paid $15 for your article is better than nothing at all. Look for this job on any blogging website or businesses in your area that interest you. 

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Wedding/Family Photographer

A wedding or family photographer is a great weekend job for a mother or father because you can make your own hours and schedule people whenever you have the free time (and when entire families have time, which is usually the weekend).

Wedding photographer easy weekend job
Wedding photographer easy weekend job

If you have a bit of a background in photography and have a good knowledge of how to pose people (a skill many of us lack), then you would do great in this position. You can charge small and as you grow begin to ask for more.

The average session can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 along with any editing you need to do later. You can look for this easy weekend job by asking around for clients and telling people about your services, especially around March and April when seniors are looking for their senior pictures and people are sending out wedding invitations.

This is an easy weekend job that gives you the great opportunity to be outdoors with good people and doing a hobby you love. 

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Product Builder

The reason this is an easy weekend job is because you likely won’t have time to dedicate to creating new products during the week. Almost nobody is an inventor or product creator as their full-time job.

A product creator job could be taken a thousand different ways and each one is unique because of the person. If you have a talent like making button dolls to hang in cars, or knitting stuffed animals, or making wooden shelves, you could turn that into money by taking orders from across the country and helping someone grow their small business into a thriving market. 

Smaller businesses are always looking for people to help them make their products because they don’t have a lot of people to help. For every product that you make and ship off, you could make $12-$20 dollars each item..

To find product making and assembly jobs, look for small businesses on social media, that’s where they do most of their promoting, and email them with an application to get the job. If you have a talent to assemble or build products, this is the job for you. 

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Calligraphy Card Designer

As a calligrapher you would write on the front of a card in fancy calligraphy handwriting; then on the back you write the personal message of whatever the employer or customer wants written. 

Calligraphy card designer is an easy weekend job
Calligraphy card designer is an easy weekend job

The average calligrapher can get paid around $10 an hour but up to $30 as you accumulate more experience. Flower and balloon shops are the places that hire a calligrapher the most. If you want a laid back easy weekend job, the writing is on the wall (pun intended) for you to be a calligrapher on the weekend.

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Start Exploring those Weekend Jobs

There are 20 great options for easy weekend jobs that not only pay well, but that you can enjoy. If you want a little extra cash or a break away from your stressful day job to something fun, working on the weekend could be a great option for you! These 20 easy weekend jobs are fun, unique, and make a good salary. There are plenty more jobs out there, go explore and find your perfect side gig! 

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