Work as a golf caddy as a permanent part-time weekend job.
Work as a golf caddy as a permanent part-time weekend job.

Permanent Part-Time Weekend Jobs

People choose to work weekend part-time jobs either instead of or in addition to weekday jobs.

There are as many different types as there are preferences, and correspondingly different salary rates that are good earning jobs. But which weekend jobs are available or can turn into a regular permanent weekend job, should either the company or he or she choose that they want a permanent part-time weekend job?

Part-time or full-time jobs differ in terms of hours rendered. While the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) doesn’t provide a clear definition for either, most companies will require full-time employees to work somewhere between 32 and 40 hours per week. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also sets the benchmark for full-time employees a little higher at 35 hours a week.

The range from casual to permanent refers to the employee’s employment status determined by his or her type of contract or employment situation.

We will look at some jobs that are only available part-time AND on the weekends. 

Permanent part-time weekend jobs list

The jobs below can also be done on the weekdays but they are also jobs that you can do on the weekend for various reasons. For example, you already have a day job, the work itself is best done on a weekend, or certain shifts of that job are also scheduled on a weekend. 

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1. Property Manager

Among assets that could be rented out include apartments, or homes, vehicles, or something closer, a room. While this is a resource that you own (or that someone else owns), you also invent your job as its lessor or manager because you are the one who is primarily concerned with making it worthy of being rented out, contacting and accommodating tenants, and upkeeping the property (or asset). 

Airbnb or VRBO, Apartments, etc.

Renting out a room on weekends, according to low-interest lender Earnest, can earn an average of about $924 a month. The way to bigger earnings, even enough to pay the mortgage, would be to rent out more or bigger spaces for longer periods of time. 

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2. Creative

Casual weekend part-timers usually start out tapping their creative sides to earn extra. These are some of the part-time weekend jobs that have the potential for them to eventually have a steadier extra income.

Freelance Writer / Editor

This job is required to produce articles, blogs, direct marketing pieces, posts, or business reports. Tenure-ship with an individual client or company can earn an employee a qualification to become editor. As a freelance writer or editor working on the weekend, an employee could be paid an average of $46.79 / hour.

Web Designer/Developer

Another job would be creating, updating, and maintaining company websites, most of which could be done on weekends when a business website is less busy. Based on their analysis of their client’s business needs, web designers code and programmers and technical support people update plugins, backup databases, format their web pages incorporating content, graphics, and videos for an average of $32.15 an hour. With strong knowledge of web authoring tools along with writing and graphic design, they also partner with writers and graphic designers to complete their projects.

Social Media Manager

Then once online content is done, another job related to their release and reception is social media management. A social media manager helps with local business’ scheduling of their contents’ release. They make sure the right hashtags, keywords, and images are in place all for the average rate of $24.73 an hour. He or she gets to multiply earnings by working for and retaining as many clients as he or she can. 

The movement of many stores and shops to digital marketplaces and social media advertisement has made online presence for businesses more prevalent. This makes it more probable for many employers to at least retain these creative employees’ positions.

Wedding services event planner as a part-time weekend job.
Work as a golf caddy as a permanent part-time weekend job.

Wedding Service Provider

With weddings happening mostly on weekends (about 70% on Saturdays), those with great photographic eyes gravitate to work happening on these momentous celebrations. A photographer who builds a strong portfolio can make an average of $17.44 per hour. When partnered with videography, he and his team can earn an average of $2,000 per wedding. 

Those with “wide ears” for these kinds of events also get part-time weekend jobs either as a musician or a DJ. They come in having mastered a wide range of tunes to satisfy diverse generational, musical tastes. A band charges an average of $4,500 per event, while a DJ earns almost $7,400 monthly.

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3. Professional Services

Another set of part-time weekend jobs are those that pay attention to detail.


Proofreading is for those with a strong command of English and a knack for correcting writing errors. Proofreaders get paid an average of $32.28. The recent explosion of web content has heightened the demand for this work.


Organizing and tracking financial data for accounting or tax preparation purposes is another viable job that can start out as a weekend job. The high demand for freelance bookkeepers, coupled with a short supply of quality talent for this job, ensures that this is a job that employers would gladly retain and pay more for experience and specialization. At an average pay of $29.94, entry-level earning ranges between $10 to 20, then can go up to $60 plus with increased qualification.


Many companies turn to people who are fluent in at least two languages when they need more accurate and contextual translation than Google Translate or other online tools offer. Translators can earn an average of $24.92 an hour and be in good financial shape doing them on weekends. .

Tax Preparer

Initially hired as seasonal workers specifically to help clients prepare tax returns, tax preparers find weekends are a prime time for their customers who seek tax assistance. They interview their clients to extract income and expense information in order to maximize deductions, and ensure that tax forms are complete and accurate. They earn a respectable average of $20.47 an hour. 

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4. Entrepreneurial

Selling remains a basic yet viable earner even for those who do part-time weekend jobs either or in addition to weekday work. 

eBay / Amazon Seller

This could be selling your own or others’ products over eBay or Amazon, at an average of $263.00 an hour, based on reporting sellers making between under $10,000 to over $1M a year. Like any enterprise, the sustainability and retention of revenue-earning depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to create value addressing his or her customers’ demand.

Online Store Owner (Dropshipping)

Another working model would be taking care of one’s own manufacturers or suppliers under one’s own brand. That’s dropshipping. Unlike Amazon or eBay, dropshippers don’t own the stock of merchandise they sell; they’re the middleman contacts between suppliers and customers, where the supplier directly ships the orders directly to the customers, and they keep the profit. They can earn as much as $100,000 a year.

Item Flipper (Reseller)

The most flexible option where one can completely control the sale is reselling as an item flipper. Doing this means having the “itchy feet” to head to thrift stores, garage sales, or similar places to find goods worth more than what they’re being sold for. Then these item flippers resell the products for a profit, or upcycle them to improve them as well as raise their selling value. Many earn a few hundred dollars a month, while others who’ve up-skilled earn in the six-figure area.

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5. General Services

Another set of good part-time weekend jobs involves personal assistance. 

Handyman / Handywoman

Repair work is another constantly demanded and therefore viable line of work. It includes minor carpentry, light plumbing, installing light fixtures, painting, painting, or repairs, for an average of $62.50 per hour. These handymen and women build references by taking part-time weekend jobs with friends and neighbors. 

English Tutor

Another constantly demanded-for viable work is English tutoring. In fact, with the turn to online learning, it has even proliferated. For the purpose of becoming competitive in the global market, parents are willing to pay good money for quality instruction. English tutors are usually paid almost $20 per hour.

Golf Caddy

Living in warm areas where golf has a year-round season, working as a golf caddy is a good weekend work option. Golf caddies are there to ensure golfers have a great experience on the course, carrying their clubs and other items. One way or another, those who go on to become professional caddies get to acquire firsthand knowledge of golf equipment as well as experience approaching different holes that gives them credibility to advise golfers. This increases their rates, besides their tips, from about $15 to $30 an hour range, to $45 to $50 an hour, thus averaging $28.23 an hour. 

Working as a personal trainer can be a good permanent part-time weekend job.
Working as a personal trainer can be a good permanent part-time weekend job.

Personal Trainer

A less mobile physical activity job would be as a physical trainer, though sessions where they take place can be varied at a given time (e.g. at a gym, a park, or a home). Working as a personal trainer involves ensuring proper exercise forms, and encouragement along the areas of diet and mindset from routines and diets they create or refer to. They earn a standard of $19.42 an hour to an average of $27.83, while others get to upgrade to a rate of $36.25 or more. Personal trainers, who have clients for celebrities, have grown to become authors and advocates related to their specializations. 

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6. Part-Time

Among those considered strictly part-time weekend jobs, here are the highest paying:

Delivery Driver

What has also proliferated is driving food and groceries to people. With apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash, a delivery driver can work on his own terms then log-off, or stay online for 12 hours at a time, particularly during the weekends. At an average of $15 an hour, some delivery drivers have been able to pay their rent. 


On the other hand, some prefer direct involvement with the food they provide for clients. Catering is another good earner, and possibly on a weekend-only basis, depending on how they are able to set it up. The average charge is $13.24 an hour, but can be adjusted to a by-the-job charge to account for the work involved, and allow the caterer greater control of how much to make. 

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7. Traditional

Finally, among part-time weekend jobs that have been around long before the internet happened, here are the highest earners:

Registered Nurse

Yes, working as a nurse is also a job that can start out as weekend work that supplements the regular medical staff; this job means following treatment plans, administering medications, treating wounds, and monitoring patients’ health status. It’s a job that’s been around, that has seen a great pandemic season demand, and will continue to be around---for the simple reason that, through good and bad times, people will always want to be healthy and need medical services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a nurse in 2018 was $71,730, and has been expected to grow at a fast rate through 2028.

Bartending is a good permanent part-time weekend job.


High weekend traffic is what bars experience - whether it’s at the conventional one, a sports bar, or a wedding-event venue. Besides knowledge of mixing drinks, bartenders also develop soft skills like growing a lively personality, listening, and customer service.. As a result, they increase their average standard earnings of $5.20-$10.40 an hour (based on $10,000 to 20,000.00 a year), to even $500 a night from tips they receive for good service. 


Whether it is for a second job or because it’s the only time you can do it, there are part-time weekend jobs that are suited for you, and even creative ways to make them work for you. More important, they can even become permanent part-time weekend jobs that will give you a consistent second income.

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