Easy weekend jobs for teens
Easy weekend jobs for teens

Easy Weekend Jobs for Teens

As a teenager, it’s hard to find a job that will work around your busy school schedule. With six hours of school (or more) plus any extracurricular activities you have, along with finding time to socialize and go to fun events, getting and holding a job can be difficult. 

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But it is possible for teenagers like you to make a little money on the weekend.

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Here are great weekend jobs for teens with a busy schedule during the week. These are easy weekend jobs because they are readily available with hours strictly on the weekend. These easy weekend jobs for teens offer great pay for minimum commitment and low-qualification.

Easy neighborhood weekend jobs for teens.
Easy neighborhood weekend jobs for teens.

Friendly Neighborhood Jobs

These jobs are ones that any teenager would be able to get during a weekend. These weekend jobs for teens are going to be found more often around your neighborhood and with people you already know. These jobs are great because you have familiarity with those whom you’ll be working for. They’re also great weekend jobs because they’re easily done with the time a teenager has on the weekend. 

These could be odd jobs like cleaning homes or businesses with family or friends, running errands, landscaping or other miscellaneous jobs.

Your neighborhood can be a great place to work and offers a lot of creative ways to make money

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Babysitting is a great weekend job for teens because many parents are looking for a break at the end of a long week. Many couples will often want to go out to dinner and watch a movie Friday or Saturday night, and need a babysitter to watch their children. As a babysitter, you would be asked to feed and entertain the kids, make sure they’re safe, put them to bed at the correct times, then stay at their house until the parents return home.

If there is an emergency while babysitting, you must be able to handle the situation calmly and efficiently and notify the parents as soon as possible.

The requirements for a babysitting gig can vary, depending on who you’re employed by. However, the most common requirements are that you are a responsible caregiver who can think quickly and watch the children closely. Having a fun personality and a natural love for children only makes babysitting that much more enjoyable. 

The average pay for this job is anywhere from $5 to $20 an hour per kid. To find this type of job, search around your neighborhood and daycare facilities. Ask any family friends who might be looking for a night out or a day off. 

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Dog Walker Teenager Weekend Job
Dog Walker Teenager Weekend Job

Dog Walker

This is a great weekend job for any animal-loving teenager. If you love our slobbery and furry friends, a dog walker job is for you!

Being a dog walker is a nice weekend job, because you'll have the time to go on a long walk and play fetch with any dogs you’re asked to care for. Dogs have high levels of energy and need lots of attention.

The weekend is the perfect time to let dogs play and get their energy out in a way that both you and the dogs can enjoy. 

Being a dog walker requires that you are good with animals and know how to handle them if they start to behave badly or an accident occurs.  Examples are the dog getting away, biting someone, or jumping on people. You must be able to clean up after the animal  when they go to the bathroom or make messes, and be able to give them treats without fleeing in terror at the sight of their teeth.

This job can be really fun and make you quite a bit of money for only playing with our furry friends all day. The average payload from this job would start at $5 an hour. The rate can go up depending on the dog's behavior and how long you spend with every dog. To find a pet-sitting job, search around your neighborhood and pay attention to those households that have pets and family friends who could use a break from their energetic troublemakers. 

Knock on the neighbor’s door (or call them or text them) and introduce yourself. Tell them that you’re accepting clients as a dog walker. Let them know that you will walk and play with their type of dog for a certain rate per hour.

You could also leave flyers on their door or text messages on their phone, too..

Summer time during vacations is an even more ideal time to offer dog-sitting services. This is because dog owners will need to find someone to watch their animal for them while they are away (which is more often on the weekends).

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Mowing Lawns

Lawn mowing is a great way for teens to make money on the weekend.  You can mow several lawns within just a few hours of the morning, avoiding the heat of the day.

Although this job can really only be done in the spring, summer, and fall, that is still 3/4ths of the year. For a lawn mowing job you would drive to each house you’ve been asked to mow, and you would mow their lawn and weed wack, if required. As a lawn mower, you may be asked to not only mow but do other general landscaping tasks like  trimming the grass edges of the property with a weed-wacker and pulling weeds; planting flowers;  and turning on the sprinklers afterwards. The landscaping weekend jobs you are asked to do are all up to the employer of each individual house. 

The requirements for this job are that you have a truck, so you can pull your lawn mower and other essential equipment from house to house. Though some people may be willing to let a teenager operate their lawn mower, it is more professional to bring your own tools to this type of job. 

The average income from a lawn mowing job is approximately $30 to $80 for every house you go to. Though it can fluctuate in-between, depending on how many tasks and how big of a yard each home has. The way to find this job is looking for elderly and/or busy neighbors who can’t or don’t have the time to mow their own lawn, but also have the money to hire it out. Another way is to print out flyers and post them around your local stores and businesses so that potential customers can come to you. 

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Family Business

If your parents own their own business, or you have other family members that own their own companies, this could be a great opportunity for a weekend job for a teen. Family members want to help younger relatives if they can. You could work as a receptionist, file papers, organize materials, check inventory, answer phones, clean buildings, send mail, and distribute or hold advertisements. As a result, you would be giving adults and owners of the business more time to work on other important things like making more sales.

The requirements for this job would be that you are responsible and can get the workload they give you done on time. You need to have good time management skills, especially if you need to travel to a business location. You must be able to stay focused and file things correctly and competently. You need  good people skills so you can talk to anyone who comes into the business. 

The payload for this job would be $10 to $13 an hour, but could go up the longer you work for your family. If you know of anyone who owns a family business within your family circle, seek them out and ask for a chance to work for them. 

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Ice Cream Scooper Weekend Teenage Jobs
Ice Cream Scooper Weekend Teenage Jobs

Ice Cream Scooper

Small ice cream shacks are always looking for new kids to hire to scoop the delicious cold dessert onto a cone and serve it to customers. As an ice cream scooper, you would take orders and make whatever dessert the customer desired. You would also be required to maintain a sanitary workplace and clean up any spills or drips from off the tables of the shop. 

The requirements for this job are that you can be responsible and a careful listener, taking orders correctly. You must also be polite and able to communicate effectively. Cleanliness is key to any restaurant style job, because you will need to clean and tidy up any mess made by customers to make the ice cream shack clean for the next ones. 

The average payment received as an ice cream scooper is around $8 to $11 an hour. To find a job such as this, first go to your local creameries and ice cream shops to ask about job postings and availability. If you’re looking for a great weekend job for a teen, this one could be the perfect cool down after a long week. 

If the ice cream shop does not have any openings, you could also do more research about other ice cream shacks, or connect with friends and family on social networks.

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Laundry Washer - Weekend Teenager Job
Laundry Washer - Weekend Teenager Job

Laundry Washer

No one really enjoys doing laundry. Adults can find it challenging at the end of the week to do laundry. Adults with kids or people with hobbies would rather do other, more fun things than laundry. Their kids need to be fed all three meals, they are home all day making messes, and the laundry has piled up by the end of the week. So, where can the adults turn? Directly to their very own teenage laundromat.

This weekend laundry job for teens would mean that you would pick up any dirty laundry your family friends and neighbors have at the end of the week. Then you would machine wash their clothes for them, ironing and folding them neatly to be returned at the end of the day.

This is a great weekend only job for teens because everyone has laundry by the end of the week and needs new clothes for the next one. This is why a teenager can do this on the weekend and make a little extra money. 

The requirements for this job are that you know how to do laundry properly, so you can wash your clients’ clothes with care and cleanliness. You must know how to sort clothes into their proper groups, get stains out most effectively, and what to hand wash or air dry. 

The starting payment for a job of this type is around $10 to $13 an hour. To find a laundry washer job, searching for busy moms and elderly couples is a great place to start. These people are often too busy with their schedule or unable to do such tasks by themselves. You could also post a sign at your local laundromat. 

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There Are Great Weekend Jobs for Teens

There are several easy good weekend jobs for teens to earn a little extra cash and occupy their time other than playing video games. These weekend jobs are great for teens because they have familiarity both in the tasks that need to be done (doing laundry, mowing lawns, scooping ice cream), as well as the employers they’ll work for (neighbors, family friends). These jobs are great for the weekend because they take time---and that’s exactly what teenagers have over the weekend: plenty of time to accomplish their jobs quickly and efficiently.

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