Easy, Remote or Work From Home Weekend Jobs
Easy, Remote or Work From Home Weekend Jobs

Easy, Remote or Work From Home Weekend Jobs

Many of us who want to make an extra source of income prefer part-time weekend jobs that allow us to do extra work only during Saturdays and Sundays. Part-time weekend jobs are great because many of us already have a day job, family, a small business we are just starting, or other full time responsibilities. Working on the weekends is both attractive, potentially rewarding financially, not stressful, and thus can be a great option. 

Now once we have blocked off our weekends with the objective of getting more money, where do we start looking for good weekend part time jobs? How do we identify the right weekend jobs that are suitable for us? 

There are actually five categories of weekend part-time jobs that we can look at, and then assess if we can do them, based on our own: skills, inclinations, interests, and resources. Remember that time should no longer be an issue in picking from these various weekend gigs. We have already set aside Saturday and Sunday for a side gig. 

Another thing to remember is that these are not full time jobs where we function as employees, but are part-time. 

Weekend Jobs for You

Here are types of weekend work that can lead to permanent part-time weekend jobs but that is something we will discuss in another article. 

Right now, the three categories of part-time weekend jobs that we can take a look at are: Easy, Remote and Work from Home.

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Easy Weekend Jobs

The word “easy” accurately describes this type of weekend job. The weekend jobs in this category are almost always available, easy to find, easy to do, and do not require a high level of skill set on your part, the mastery of a trade or profession, higher learning, and even experience in the industry.

Easy weekend jobs are positions with which you can apply for with just a highschool diploma (or while in highschool), the current skill set that you have, and the commitment to do an excellent job.

Easy weekend jobs may or may not lead to a higher-paying career path. What is important is that the tasks at hand can be performed to the best of your ability, meeting the employer or company’s requirements according to set standards, and within the time frame you are given---which are normally a certain number of hours on the weekend (16-24 hours).

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Barista, Bartender, Server, Waitress, Waiter Weekend Job
Barista, Bartender, Server, Waitress, Waiter Weekend Job

Working in a Food Establishment as a Bartender, Server, or Waiter

We’ve all heard or read the stories of famous Hollywood celebrities who, before reaching fame, fortune, and stardom, spent their free time waiting on tables or serving beverages in a bar.

There are good reasons why they chose food service for weekend jobs. First, although the hours are long, they could pretty much pick their schedule or shift based on what the bar or restaurant has posted: they can work four hours in the morning, 6 - 10 am., and then spend the rest of the day doing auditions for movies and TV, or studying acting and other performance classes. 

Second, unless they were looking for a step up in this profession like becoming the head bartender or restaurant maitre d’, the expectations are pretty much set and simple. Report to work, wait on tables, serve up the drinks, be helpful and nice to the customers, and go home. 

Third, they could earn extra on the side if they walk the extra mile for the diner, like suggesting really good meals from the menu, serving up their orders real fast, or just listening to their problems and cheering them up with a smile or two. The happier the customer is with the service, the bigger tips he/she or she gives. 

While actors and performers are trained to turn on the charm and make the customer feel happy or special for a few minutes, you can also do the same with genuine friendliness and warmth that makes him or her feel attended to. 

Kindness and talent are things you should not dismiss if you do want to make money as a bartender or waiter. The hourly rates are small, and are often dwarfed by the total amount of tips you can get from generous customers during a shift.

The hourly rate of a bartender is $12.96, but the tips can go up to as high as $150 a day. The earnings of a waiter come close: $12.88 per hour, and with tips reaching up to $200 a day.

Attention to detail, a good memory, and quick reflexes are also requirements if you want to succeed as a waiter, server, or bartender. Restaurants and bars do offer brief but intense training once you get accepted. After all, you do have to know what is on the menu, the best meals and drinks to recommend, how to handle the equipment that is entrusted to you, the organization of the tables that you have to serve, and the list of dos and don'ts that you have to follow to make the customer happy. 

Bartenders also have to be taught how to mix drinks, as well as how to maintain the inventory of wine, mixers, and other bar supplies.

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Parking Lot Attendant

A parking lot attendant earns an average of $16 an hour, depending on the state or location that you are working in. The only requirements that you would need to apply for and get this job are driving skills, a driver’s license, and a clean criminal record. Hotels, parking lots, and other establishments are strict about these criteria because a parking lot attendant is responsible for keeping them, their properties, and their customers safe and secure.

A parking lot attendant’s tasks do look simple at first glance. He/she or she collects the fees that a customer pays upon parking their car on the lot. They can also do valet service occasionally upon the customer’s request. But the most important thing that a parking lot attendant does is monitor the areas under their supervision to see that the vehicles and their owners are safe.

If during their monitor duty, they see a suspicious, unauthorized person wandering around the parking lot---or worse, opening a car that does not belong to them---then they should immediately follow the security protocols and call in the security people to prevent a crime from taking place.

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Retail Associate

A retail associate job is probably the first go-to weekend job for all seasons and at all times, especially if the store is in the food business.

During economic or health crises, or when an individual loses a job or his savings, one of the first jobs that he or she can go to is a retail store.

Retail stores are always looking for sales associates who can be up on their feet for long hours, fixing the stocks and goods on the shelves, monitoring the inventories, and making sure that the customers have what they need. 

A retail associate is the store’s frontliner. Regardless of the long hours on the store floor, the occasional grumpy customer, or attending to what the buyer wants, the retail associate always has to exude an aura of warmth, genuine concern, and friendliness. In short, they represent the store and the brand. If they snap at the customer in a moment of fatigue, the insulted customer can easily think that the brand or store itself does not appreciate their customers.

The retail associate must also know the in’s and out’s of the store. With that always-present smile, he or she can answer the customer’s questions about the product they are interested in, or guide them to the section of the store that they want to visit.

There are many kinds of retail stores that you can work for.

Supermarkets offer a wide range of products, from food, footwear, toys, garments, bags, to electronic devices. Some retail stores are more specialized and offer more specific products such as bookstores, furniture shops, groceries, and clothes and accessories.

Retail stores pay an average of $13 an hour. They also give discounts of their products to retail associates who do a good job. So if you would like to make extra cash in weekend jobs but may not have the stamina for the long hours in a supermarket, try looking for work in retail stores that sell products that you do like. If you are a book lover, work in a bookstore. If you are a pet parent, then go work in a pet accessory store. 

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Remote or Online Weekend Jobs

Remote or online weekend jobs are tasks that you can do outside the client’s brick-and-mortar store or office office and fulfill in your home, a cyber cafe, a coffee shop, and any other place where you want to work (e.g. the beach).

All you need are a good internet connection, a fully functioning computer or laptop with the software needed to execute your tasks, and a smartphone. 

When it comes to remote or online weekend jobs, you get the job or assignment online, either from a client, a digital marketplace, a website for freelancers, or a company or agency’s virtual community. At the same time, you also do the jobs remotely and send your deliverables through email or other forms of digital communication. Client meetings are done virtually, and face-to-face meetings are rare.

To succeed in remote or online weekend jobs, you do need to have a skill or service that you are asked to do. That is what you will promote on the digital marketplace, seeking out customers who do need your services.

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Weekend Jobs at Fiverr

If you are just starting out doing remote or online weekend jobs, and you have very little idea of what you can offer and/or what clients are looking for, Fiverr is the best place to visit. Fiverr is a freelance site where digital talents can offer their services to companies that are looking for them.

The range of services is extensive. Writing, graphic design, online English tutorials, video production, and web design and development usually come into mind when we think of freelance work.

At Fiverr, though, you can also see podcasters, logo designers, word press developers, game developers, website testers, and many more offering their skills for the highest bidder. The baseline amount is $5 an hour, but the more experienced talents, with the most positive reviews, can charge a lot more.

If you want to earn more, then obviously you have to know the skill you are good at and want to offer on this digital marketplace. Then you succeed in doing it well and get reviews. The more work you accept and fulfill, the more money you can make, even on a weekend.

Right now, Priceonomics says that the average amount of money that a dedicated Fiverr freelancer makes is $100 a month. If you were to do this only on weekends, then a conservative estimate will peg your potential earnings to $50 a month. 

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iOS or Android Application (app) Developer Jobs
iOS or Android Application (app) Developer Jobs

Android or IOS Mobile Application Developer 

The whole world right now runs on apps, and it is hard to think of living in it without a smartphone---and without those small digital tools that enable you to connect to your bank, take photos of your events, search for a restaurant, communicate with your family, and even look for gigs online.

The convenience and comfort that apps give us, though, come from a lot of creativity, hard work, sweat, and tears---not to mention sleepless nights. Androids or IOS developers are prized precisely because they are the ones who conceptualize, develop, test, and then launch all these apps we see in our iPhones or smartphones. 

If you are an Android or IOS developer, then chances are you have already built and fulfilled apps for services that clients are looking for, like health and fitness, food delivery, and even games. You can make this into a weekend job if you already have a day job, or if you are still a college student (studying computer science or software engineering) who wants to make money on the side.

The good news is, this is one of the highest-paying weekend jobs on the market. An Android or IOS developer makes $61 to $80 an hour. 

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Online Teacher Weekend Jobs

This job is not to be confused with tutoring where a teacher and/or a subject-matter expert helps a student improve their learning in a particular subject.

An online teaching job is done by a certified teacher with years of experience; this is different from tutoring where even a college student can help a high school student learn Math or English, for example. 

The online teacher teaches a small class the courses or subjects that he/she normally teaches in a school, college, or university. The teacher’s curriculum or program is accredited by the state’s department of education. Teachers can give tests and evaluate their students. They are actually conducting a class but virtually and only on the weekends.

Teachers can set up their online teacher weekend jobs without giving up their regular teaching posts. They can increase their income that way. The average rate is $20 an hour.

Some of the more innovative online teachers do diversify and create a special virtual class for a specific set of students. For example, a college professor who teaches marketing to undergraduates on the physical campus can come up with a new marketing program, customized and designed for working professionals who want to shift into this profession. 

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Work from Home Weekend Jobs

A lot of work from home weekend jobs are being done online, and can be classified under the remote weekend jobs category. The most popular ones are blogging, website design and development, virtual assistance, and online sales. However, not all weekend jobs that can be done from home are digital. There are still a few that do not need screen time. The following should give a balance between work from home weekend jobs that can be done with digital devices, or not being reliant on them. 

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Educational Consultant

An educational consultant has the best of both worlds---a remote working environment AND actual face time with clients---while earning a lot of money on the weekend. This is a very specialized, and high-paying gig where you can make up to $49 an hour.

An educational consultant actually shepherds an organization---like a school or a company---into improving their teaching and learning processes.

He or she analyzes the organization’s current academic programs, educational processes, teachers’ performances, and student progress. They talk to faculty and student body alike, to get information that can help the school or the company elevate their standards. After analyzing all that information, they make further recommendations on how the school, college, university, or company can address their flaws and build on their strengths.

The end objective of this is to raise the standards of the organization and their workforce as a whole---and get more students for a healthier bottomline.

An educational consultant should have impeccable credentials in order to excel in his role. Educators must have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in a learning course; management experience; solid teaching credentials; and in some states, recognition by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.

Educational consultants are often tenured professors who do this work on the weekends. Some of their work can be done remotely, e.g. studying curricula and emailing feedback. On other occasions, it needs face-to-face time like monitoring a teacher’s performance in an actual class. If the educational consultant gets enough clients, they can start their own coaching business. 

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House Sitter

Housesitting belongs to the good weekend part time jobs especially if you love adventure and travel, are organized, and careful and considerate of other people’s property and pets. Think of it as babysitting or pet care but in this case you are taking care of someone else’s home while living in it.

And yes this is a work from home set-up---only it is not in your home, but someone else’s.

For a weekend, you stay in the house of your client who might be going out of town. You make sure that the place is clean, the pets (if any) are cared for, and any mail or package that comes in is received properly. Gardens are tended to, and plants are watered. It goes without saying that after you leave their home after that weekend, it is as good as when you first found it.

The home owner will want their house sitter to be skilled in the above things, as well as trustworthy, honest, and reliable. A clean professional record, without any criminal stains, and recommendations are essential to getting the job. They also recruit house sitters through reputable house sitting websites like MindmyHouse.com and TrustedHousesitters.com. You have to join these sites who will screen you and your credentials.

A house sitter makes $13 an hour. So if you do house sitting on a weekend, 48 hours straight from Saturday to Sunday, you can earn about $624.

However, what attracts a lot of people to the house sitting gig is the perk of living in a comfortable house, visiting the sites near it, and enjoying its amenities including food and beverage. House sitting is like staying in an AirBnb unit--and possibly in another state away from your own---while getting paid for it. 

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Appointment Setter

You can work as an appointment setter in your home during the weekends, and earn an hourly rate of $14 an hour. You can also earn more than this base pay if the customer you succeeded in persuading to meet your client buys his product or service.

Appointment setters are a cross between an online seller and a virtual assistant. The client will give you a list of potential customers that he/she wants to meet with for a sales pitch. As soon as you start to get to know the business, you will also be asked to come up with your own list as well.

Success in this job is a result of your patience and powers of persuasion. You will be calling, emailing, or messaging the potential customers with the sole purpose of asking them to meet with your client who wants to sell them something.

Not all customers, especially if they are business owners, will have the interest or patience to accept that invitation. Constant follow-up and polite engagement will help. You must also be able to successfully answer their questions about the client’s product, profile, or brand.

Getting the customer to attend the appointment you set with your client is what you are paid for. The customer’s purchase of your client’s product will get you a commission or the percentage of the sale.

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Find The Right Weekend Job For You

Browse through the three categories above if you are looking for part-time weekend jobs. Then decide if you want something that is easy, fast to do, but not necessarily high-paying; a task that is purely digital; or a stint that you can do in your home, or another’s.